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Published: May 13th 2013
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April 10 – 14 … Home in Calgary for a few days. It was just long enough wash everything in my pack, pick out some different clothes to take on the next leg of my trip and get the tax returns I needed to complete done and filed. I was also able to catch up with a few friends and family. Tom the cat has been very well taken care of in my absence – I think I was just a temporary disruption to h... Read Full Entry

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Galapagos Penguin 1Galapagos Penguin 1
Galapagos Penguin 1

photo: Laura Jarchow
Galapagos Penguin 2Galapagos Penguin 2
Galapagos Penguin 2

photo: Laura Jarchow
At South Plazas Island 1At South Plazas Island 1
At South Plazas Island 1

Swallow Tail Gull
At South Plazas Island 2At South Plazas Island 2
At South Plazas Island 2

land iguana molting
At South Plazas Island 7At South Plazas Island 7
At South Plazas Island 7

Land and marine iguanas
At South Plazas Island 10At South Plazas Island 10
At South Plazas Island 10

Blue footed booby
At South Plazas Island 11At South Plazas Island 11
At South Plazas Island 11

swallow tail gull
At Genovesa 1At Genovesa 1
At Genovesa 1

At Genovesa 2At Genovesa 2
At Genovesa 2

cactus flowers
At Genovesa 4At Genovesa 4
At Genovesa 4

frigate birds

13th May 2013

Your journies
What an amazing journey you have had this year - & thanks for sharing it with us. History lessons never hurt! Your photos are wonderful & your descriptions make us really feel we are on the journey, too. Keep well & enjoy.
13th May 2013

Thanks Again
Love your story and pics. Gives us itchy feet !
13th May 2013

Such wonderful photography and adventure. Thank you for sharing with me. Always looking forward to your blog.. Love and hugs Auntie Barbara

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