Peaceful Pacific

Published: January 24th 2011
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Monday Jan 24th, 2011

Pacific Ocean: Latitude 2 degrees 17 minutes- Longitude 80 degrees 18.5 minutes

The Panama Canal was easy for us, great weather and no hang-ups. It was nothing like the terrible heat and mosquitoes that killed 25 thousand people while it was being built. There were lots of huge cargo ships and iron ore tankers passing through. I only saw one private yacht in the whole 45 miles of the crossing. Our cruise ship obviously had a priority permit as there were many other ships waiting in line and we just went right in. We heard there are some families that live on small ships and just wait in line. When they get close to the front of the line, they sell their spot and then go back to wait in line again.

The Pacific is living up to its name so far, peaceful and calm. We are heading due south and should cross the equator sometime tonight. Manta, Ecuador is our next stop and everyone says that it is sort of dirty and scary. There are people on this boat that have been around the world several times on this boat and other cruise ships. They sort of live on these ships and only go home a few months out of the year, if at all. Don't worry that sounds interesting, but not an option for us.


24th January 2011

wow, i would never have known that people would make cruise ships a lifestyle like that... that's amazing. i'm loving reading your blog..

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