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May 24th 2010
Published: May 24th 2010
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I would like everyone to know what they are getting in before they travel to Ecuador.
Let me startle you with the words that Ecuador is the trap.
Here is the “laws” they have for you, who wish to come to Ecuador:
You could easy come in, but you can’t get out at your will.
If you have any 12-XX visas (non immigrant visas) you have to go to their immigration department and register. But it takes some effort and knowledge of Spanish, as well as money. So forget about restful vacation you plan for your stay. You have to do the monkey business for a week or so with your immigration, even you have not immigrated anywhere, but just came to visit.
The whole purpose of this is to suck your money for some b/s pretext made by their government. Normally people hire lawyers to do that and one expect to pay from 150USD and up for that stuff.
If you didn’t comply with their totally illegal laws towards the foreigners, you will be stopped at the border/airport and returned forcefully to Ecuador to comply with their monkey business.
Here is my case: Came in on Business Visa to see what Ecuador is good for.
After paying to the Lawyer over a thousand dollars fees, plus another thousand for expenses, I was flying back home with expectations that I’m all covered with their b/s laws. Not so fast. At the airport, the immigration stopped me with pretext that I don’t have a census card- the card telling where you lived in Ecuador. Prior to that I have VISITED their immigration department and specifically asked them if I covered to travel trouble free. The answer was yes and they gave me some kind of letter in Spanish.
The outcome: I have lost my ticket, change my plans for the next week or so until I figure it out, pay for new ticket and possibly pay many more to get that b/s card.
Also remember that Ecuadorian Airports has what they call a departure tax of $48.
So count you expenses before you come here and make sure you have enough funds to get out of this trap.
If you travel to Ecuador- beware of their fascist regime. As soon as Ecuadorian border starts, you have no rights to exit this country at your will and rather have very expensive permission for doing so. Ecuador is the trap, where you can very easy get in, but to get out might cost you lots of money. Ecuador is very traitorous country and they out to get you one way or the other.
Ps. reminded me Arab’s mentality: they let you get on the camel to take that authentic picture shot and that cost you $1. But when it comes to getting down…. It can cost you $10 and up.


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