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July 30th 2013
Published: November 11th 2013
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Is there any Architecture Tourism?

Well, it there exists one, this is it as people come and enjoy the lovely facades and here you will find the nuts and bolts of that very same tourism.… It was for this reason that the village was declared a national monument.

The city of the Gentlemen as it is called, San juan de Giron is full of colonial streets thanks to the effort of its citizens for keeping that colonial facade taking us back to the XVI century; thanks God they did that; hence, the white city features a great array of awesome uniform white houses and brown doors and windows.

Founded in 1631, the village has also kept its pebbled streets that dress history in a harmonious way of living, making us long for those periods of time when everything was more peaceful and slow-paced. Furthermore, the village is easy to find, quite close to Floridablanca, Piedecuesta and the city of Bucaramanga.

A Romantic Village

People also seem to be impressed by the city at night, the lovely view that the lanterns give to the city makes it cosier and more colonial. Couples understand that as it is most refreshing to see them walking hand in hand over the pebbled streets still showing us that love is still possible and that in spite of how cybernetic people, or to be honest, we have become, there are still those who can make pledges of love in the old fashion ways and easily find those romantic hideaways that the village kindly offers. Seriously, what it lacks is some of these youngsters wearing those old typical clothes from other ages and then you will have the full picture of how things used to be. Or.. if you are a noisy Parker, this is the place to be.. joking!

370 Years of History

Located at 7 kilometres from Bucaramanga, the six-bridge village, with its 150,000 inhabitants, offers visitors the chance to travel back in time; it is nice to sit down at the square during the weekend to contemplate the city and its old inhabitants who seem to be willing to talk about the history of the town, oh, yes, they will tell you that our libertador Simon Bolivar was a frequent visitor to the village as he used it as a stopover to go and fight for independence.

So, in a certain way, the city is actually linked to the other village I described here, El Socorro, both important venues in the history of independence and the Comuneros Revolution.

A Venue for Praying

The attractiveness and popularity of the village is also due to the religious features that its inhabitants have worked on to give Giron some religious mysticism. Lots of tourists approach the village during the spiritual festivities such as the Novenas de Aguinaldos, Corpus day or the Holy Week, and there you can see the Basilica del Señor de los Milagros or la Capilla de las Nieves packed with lots of people saying their prayers.

It is also the place to remember your friends as you can leave the place packed with some souvenirs for them; craftwork, handicrafts made of clay and straw.

But, hey now, what you need to do is pack your bags and see it by yourself and you will maybe be able to feel that colonial past and enjoy the memories of a completely different age that left us some time ago. Here, let´s hope for the off chance to meet each other there and have a hot coffee. Cheers!

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A venue for prayingA venue for praying
A venue for praying

People seem to be enlightened visiting the church

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