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June 23rd 2010
Published: June 23rd 2010
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The last city, Popayan, was to be the last Colombian city we visited. However, it was still quite a hike from the border with Ecuador. We tried to figure out a way to get down to Quito in one trip, but it was impossible. So, we ended up stopping for a night in Ipiales, the border town. I won't waste too much time writing about this city except to say that no one should bother staying here unless it is absolutely necessary. It is cold and blustery. It rains a lot... a cold, miserable drizzle. It´s rundown, grimy, dingy, unwelcoming. The guide book describes it as ¨uninspiring.¨ After spending about half an hour looking around town for a restaurant, we ended up at one of the only ones still open (and it was only around 7 p.m.). We had the worst meal, well, I wouldn't really call it a meal. It was supposed to be a hamburger, but Ryan confirmed that it was not actually beef and that it was ¨the worst hamburger¨he had ever tasted. We ate the buns only. Our hostel, the Hotel Belmonte, was terrible as well. The sheets weren´t big enough for the bed, so they slid off if you moved around, leaving you resting on the mattress. The pillow cases weren´t full pillow cases, they were open on both sides, so the pillow would slide out. It was cold, dingy, and unfriendly like the rest of the city. And that´s all I´ve got to say about Ipiales. Blah....

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