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April 28th 2012
Published: May 5th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello everyone! I hope this blog serves to keep everyone up to speed on my goings-ons.

It was a rough start at first when my Mom´s car broke down on the way to the airport, many thanks to Andrew who came to the rescue. Got there just as they were boarding. In LA I got to say hi to Elsa and Jose for an hour, and they brough me some much appreciated In n´Out. Sort of surreal stopping in LA for just a few hours on the way to a much less familiar place. The flights were extremely uncomfortable for the most part, having had the middle seat on the two long flights, and neither happened to recline. I did, however, meet some very interesting people - some of the friendliest flights I´ve ever been on. Once I got to my destination of Cartagena, Colombia I had about 5 hours to wait for Natasha to come in from Bogota. I must´ve looked like a deer in the headlights cause a lot of people asked if they could help me with something. Eventually I figured out where to sit and wait. Once those long 5 hours passed, I was waiting outside her gate when I struck up conversation with a police officer and airport employee. Turned out her flight was delayed two hours, so I ended up talking to these two for a long time.

Once we were reunited, we got to our hostel ´el viajero,´ where a huge party was going on cause it was saturday night. The hostel is nice, with decent bathrooms and air conditioned rooms, much better than many to come I´m sure. That night we just went exploring in the city a little bit and found some pizza to eat - lots of pizza around here for some reason. Slept well and long that night.


5th May 2012

The title should be ´The First Day.´ I realized I could back-log these entries, so I´m writing them on the dates they occured. As far as I can tell, there´s no edit button for published entries.

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