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November 26th 2010
Published: December 7th 2010
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Sooo much fun on the slideSooo much fun on the slideSooo much fun on the slide

I went down it at least 30 times!
Our other day trip was to the Islas de Rosario. Daddy let me choose which trip I wanted to go on as there were a few options to different hotels on different islands, and once I saw the picture of the slide going into the water, it was an easy pick. So, we got up early, waited about 1 1/2 hours at the peir for our boat. This gave me plenty of time for me to convince daddy that I needed goggles and a hat.

We got into the boat, and put on our life jackets. At time the boat went really fast, but at times, it actually did not go at all as it had problems with one of the motors. Many people were getting irritated on the boat, but it was nice out and as it never lasted more than 20 minutes or so of not going (on 3 seperate occasions), we did not get too worried. When we finally arrived at the hotel where we were to spend a few hours, I got really excited as the first thing I could see is the slide.

We first walked around the hotel and saw really cool pink flamingos. I had never gotten so close. We saw some other neat birds as well. But it was all about the slide and within minutes we were ready to go. I slid down the slide at least 30 times and had so much fun as daddy would catch me at the bottom. We took pics with his disposable underwater camera and had a lot of laughs. A fisherman showed me the fish he caught, and I also saw lots of crabs. We then had a great buffet lunch which included a whole fish.

After a few hours at the hotel, we left on another boat for Playa Blanca. It was a beuatiful beach with very blue water and small waves. I had fun playing in the water with Daddy and making sand castles. We got lucky that it did not rain until we got back on the boat. The boat ride back went very fast....we all had a lot of fun when the boat would get some air over bigger waves. It was a great day!

After 1 more day in Cartagena it was time to go back to Miami. However, the next trip was only a few
Acting Silly Acting Silly Acting Silly

Islas del Rosario
weeks away as we are doing a Carribean Cruise with my Avo' Jay and combining it with staying on Puerto Rico(3 nights) and St. Maarten (5 nights) on the beginning and end. I cannot wait!!!

Additional photos below
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Sand CastleSand Castle
Sand Castle

Playa Blanca
Cool FlamingosCool Flamingos
Cool Flamingos

Islas del Rosario
Making a CastleMaking a Castle
Making a Castle

Playa Blanca
Great Fish LunchGreat Fish Lunch
Great Fish Lunch

Islas Del Rosario
Me and DaddyMe and Daddy
Me and Daddy

Isla del Rosario
Imitating the FlamingosImitating the Flamingos
Imitating the Flamingos

Islas del Rosario
Big GrinBig Grin
Big Grin

Isla del Rosario
So much fun in the waterSo much fun in the water
So much fun in the water

Isla del Rosario
I caught a FishI caught a Fish
I caught a Fish

Okay, fisherman handed it to me.
Fun With DaddyFun With Daddy
Fun With Daddy

Islas del Rosario

7th December 2010

Thanks for lovely pics and stories
I was first attracted to your blog because my friend and I want to go to Columbia. But now I am intrigued with the adventures you and your daughter are having. I don't know what you do for a living but I think you have the beginnings of a great series of children's books featuring your daughter, the pics, and her adventures. It would be wonderful to show kids that there are more things to do than sit in front of a TV or Wii and the fun of experiencing different cultures. Her ( and your) spirit of adventure shine through and make ever entry a delight. Thanks, Carolyn ( aka 'gunga')

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