Stinky Feet Ate My Sandwich !!!

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August 17th 2009
Published: August 18th 2009
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Bogota to Cartagena is ~1000km on single lane twisting roads and takes >20 hours, it's long. We were lucky with the bus company we picked, the seats were comfortable, the aircon worked but wasn't too cold, and the price was pretty good (US$35 each), although we have no idea why they chose to use pants as headrest covers :-))))) We didn't know whether there would be food onboard or how often we'd stop so to make sure we were OK we bought a couple of sandwiches each.
Things started pretty well, we left on time, traffic wasn't bad, but then the guy one behind and across the aisle from Atsuko took his shoes off - putain, they smelt like a farmyard :-((( we can only guess at the last time he washed them !!! After 3 or 4 hours we stopped at a service station, we took our bags with us but I left one of my sandwiches on the seat - bad move, when we came back it was gone, some monkey had eaten it !!! Stinky Feet got off before Cartagena and when he did we saw the wrapper on the floor, evidence that he was the guilty monkey !!!


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