Sure is a Rocking and Rolling Start

Published: March 11th 2010
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Mobile network failsMobile network failsMobile network fails

Gerardo and Enzo, trying to sort stuff, but the mobile network was clogged up.
Hi, what a day this turned out to be.
We left the Ankara at 8.00am and headed off to San Antonio to get the motos.
When we got there we were told that the container was damaged, so we can't get the motos out until an assessor has been, well Rosco was NOT happy ! If we opened the container, then we became liable for it to the shipping company Dah!
Anyway about then the whole ground began moving, trucks rocking about, power poles flexing and a six foot concrete wall, thought it was a snake, when it had subsided, we went to caravan thing to get a coffee while we were waiting for a call from Ronny, our shipping agent, and just then we had another good terramoto shaking.

Now the problems began, as a tsunami alert went out and they closed the wharf, all the huge container trucks and pickup trucks full of people, began clearing the Port area, about now I ditched my cup of coffee that Philip had bought me and we joined the throngs of people leaving the area.
We drove (slowly) to the top of a hill and parked, looking down on the seafront
Likely LadsLikely LadsLikely Lads

Waiting on the top of the hill in San Antonio
20m below us, and about 5kms away.
After half an hour the Carabineros (Police) came and made us all move to higher ground.

As it was now 1.45pm and the Port was closed for the day, we made the decision to head back to Vina and the Ankara Hotel, as there was 6 of us in the truck, Scott decided to travel dog class in the back..

As we approached Vina, there were streams of vehicles coming from Valparaiso/Vina del Mar,
About then, Vince received a text from Jane, whom we had left at the Ankara with Anne, that they had been evacuated out of the hotel and Vina to the top of a hill.We asked her to rebook us into the Ankara for another night.

We decided to park up, as we all needed a pee and to see what unfolds (pardon the pun, as it was very cold). We had lost Gerardo by now as he had to go back to Valparaiso with Enzo and pick up his moto, that he left there in the morning, so he could drive Enzo's truck, Enzo dosen't have a licence, never has, dosen't even know how to drive
Scott SecurityScott SecurityScott Security

As we had all our riding gear in the truck. Boats in background went out to sea.
as he gets around mostly by taxi.
About now, Scott sends a text home informing Christine that we are all safe, as it was around 7.00am (NZ) time.
As we had had no lunch and abandoned our drinks in San Antonio, we dicideded to move closer to a village and see if we could get some food and drink. Marcus, Philip and Vince, went out in amongst the many local folk and found coca cola and great big diner plate size burgers.
By the time that we had consumed these, the Carabineros, announced that the alert was now clear, so we headed back down hill to our hotel.
Since we have been back at he hotel we have had two more terramoto's with the hotel swaying around.
The epicentre was just south of south of Santiago.

Tomorrow, we will rerun todays program and go back to San Antonio to hopefully get the motos this time, and be at Tongoy for the night.
Cheers, for now, Rosco

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Outward BoundOutward Bound
Outward Bound

Trucks lining the freeway outa town
General CongestionGeneral Congestion
General Congestion

On the road back into Vina del Mar
Boys just need to...Boys just need to...
Boys just need to...

So thats why these bushes are so green!!

12th March 2010

rock n roll crazy
Just reading these blogs scares me. Please, please, please be careful.
12th March 2010

Following your every move.
Dad and i are very relieved to know that you're okay. It's been a hell of a start for you all, but hopefully you'll soon be on your way north. Take care and be safe Scott. Love . Mum and Dad.xxxxxxxxxxx.
13th March 2010

Jane and Vince
Fantastic to follow your adventures from across the other side of the world. Green is the word,,you will know what I mean Have fun

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