First day of classes at La Universidad Catolica

Published: March 8th 2005
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So how was my first day of classes here in Chile.....GREAT seeing as how they were all cancelled!!!! i dont even know why..i showed up for my first class..a history one and it was cancelled. I asked a chilean student and they said that all classes were cancelled. So really I´m off to a great start. One of my friends has an ex-exchange student at her house and she told us today that classes probably wouldnt realy start for another two weeks or so. The once april gets going apparently school is scarce as students are always striking.....I love it!!! Tomorrow we are all leaving for Pucon and come back on sunday. During our time there we are going to the hot springs, going to the top of the volcano, white-water rafting, and visiting a Mapuche village (the native indians of Chile). So we´re all totally stoked. Love to all.....


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