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November 24th 2018
Published: December 3rd 2018
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Mundo del VinoMundo del VinoMundo del Vino

Great selection of wines.
My arrival in Chile for my latest trip was tiring, as usual. I don’t sleep well on airplanes and this time was no different but I was grateful that the flights were free of stressful delays and fairly easy.

I arrived late morning, and was met at the airport by my friend and hostess extraordinaire once again. The lines through immigration and customs were long but they moved quickly with the usual efficiency. Being a Saturday, the traffic was not as congested as it can get in Santiago. The City grows constantly, putting a tremendous strain on the current streets and Metro lines. There seemed to be more congestion, even though a new Metro line opened last year. Some street construction had been finished since the last time I was there and also, I understand, two new express Metro lines will open next year. They are impatiently awaited, with hopes it will relieve the current congestion. It's not unusual to have to let two or three trains pass during rush hour because it's impossible to get on.

I always find myself amazed by the extent of the tunnels, miles and miles of them. I can't help feeling a bit
Pizzeria TiramisuPizzeria TiramisuPizzeria Tiramisu

One of the bars inside the restaurant. The various dining areas are all different, and all enchanting.
claustrophobic sometimes, even though I recognize the feat of engineering it took to build them.

I spent some of the time after my arrival, after reacquainting myself with the view from the apartment balconies, unpacking and trying to take a short nap, and then it was time to get reacquainted with the neighborhood around the apartment, Barrio El Golf.

Our first stop was a short walk to my favorite wine shop, El Mundo del Vino, to pick up some wine for our early evenings at the apartment. Happy Hours on the balcony, while watching the sunset reflected in the snow of the distant Cordillera, is one of my favorite activities in Santiago. Then a stop at my very favorite pizza place, Pizzeria Tiramisu, to pick up my favorite, Pizza Ibiza, for lunch. The mixture of Salame and Chorizo is always perfect. I was also delighted to drink my first Pisco Sour there while we waited in their patio area for our pizza. I have never been disappointed on the quality of this beverage there, and their patio setting is always a great spot for people watching. At this time of the day the restaurant was not as crowded as
Pizzeria TiramisuPizzeria TiramisuPizzeria Tiramisu

Pisco Sour on the patio.
in the evenings, which gave me a chance to observe the different areas of the restaurant, all of which are interesting.

I always enjoy the walks around the neighborhood. Being the center of the commercial district of Santiago, the architecture is the most modern and some of the buildings are anything but average. Most are truly pieces of outstanding architecture, even if it comes at the expense of having lost many of the old single homes mansions, although many of the grand homes have been converted to offices. The Czech Republic residence next door is one that remains, as well as the British Embassy residence. At this time of the year, spring, the trees are flowering and that contributes to the beauty of the area. Even though the temperature was above average during my stay, it was not bad to get away from the more chilly weather at home for a few days.

My first day back in Santiago ended with dinner at Mestizo, in Vitacura, which is a favorite restaurant for its setting and the quality of its food. Located in the Parque Bicentenario, its open air dining areas offer a breathtaking view of the park and
View from the front balcony.View from the front balcony.View from the front balcony.

The institution that is Club de Golf Los Leones, one of the top 100 golf courses, was established more than a century ago and it's one of Chile's most exclusive sporting establishments.
a lovely pond. Watching the sun setting behind the imposing outline of Gran Torre Santiago is an impressive sight. I never get enough of seeing that building, from all the different angles. It's such a beautiful building!

I absolutely love Mestizo’s appetizers. This time we had their Cheese Empanadas and the Fried Fish Bites which were deliciously crispy outside and flaky inside. My skirt steak was cooked perfectly to my taste, and their fries are glorious! It was my second Pisco Sour of the day and, as usual, set the trend for outstanding Pisco Sours in Chile. During one of our excursions, there was a debate about whether Pisco originated in Chile or Peru. It appears it first appeared in Chile after all, although Peruvian Pisco is also outstanding, as I had the opportunity to find out later on during my visit. Regardless, I'm grateful to both countries for this delicious cocktail.

I declined a second Pisco Sour here in favor of a glass of Chilean Carmenere. Chilean Carmenere wine is a must during my visits, and I drink it as often as possible. It was also a perfect accompaniment to the Volcan de Chocolate dessert.

Barrio El GolfBarrio El GolfBarrio El Golf

Around the neighborhood.
I was happy to return home and fall in bed, exhausted by happy to be back in Chile again, and looking forward to all the fun outings planned for the next few days.

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Barrio El GolfBarrio El Golf
Barrio El Golf

Gran Torre Santiago.

My second Pisco Sour of the day, consistently delicious.

Cheese Empanadas and Fried Fish Bites.

Their Skirt Steak and Fries. Just about perfect.

Chocolate Volcano Dessert.

Their open air views of the park.

Sunset time.

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