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June 12th 2014
Published: June 12th 2014
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It has been years since my last post. I was away from reality for a while.. lost in a place that was dirty and lonely... I got a last minute ticket to Chile... I needed to get far away from the mental distruction of my last trip, After getting out of the hospital it was the best thing I could do. The only problem was I forgot about the Cocaine hidden in my shoe from a night out with a mother of three I met on the internet. I agreed to stash her stash in my shoe as it had a massive hole in the sole where I could slide something in then cover it with duck tape. Anyways I forgot about it and on my arivial in O higgins I was searched battered and I lost a fingernail witch I think was the worst part. I was in a cell with this guy called harry. He was massive and told me not to talk. Durring lunch hour some of the other inmates would make faces at me and steal my food. It was horrible, But I did loose like 40 lbs and maybe even my diabetes! Finally I stood up to Harry when he threatened me with a (very hot) baked potato after talking about my family life. I told him to shut up and he burned my face with the buttery insides. I was finally transferd cells and because of the incident they fast tracked me to trial because of the incident and after I was aquitted( I think they lost the evidence?)! I can't believe it after 2 years! It feels great to be out and I think I might stick around in Chile a little longer... My internet is running out and I cant spare any more change.. so


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