Torres del Paine - The 'W' Hike

Published: May 16th 2008
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Leaving behind Argentina after almost 2 months (nearly a month longer than intended) was sad to say the least. All the astounding sights and experiences we have had have been truely amazing. But this sadness was tempered by our excitement of what lay ahead. Torres del Paine, Chile, another country another culture. Our 2nd border crossing passed without incident and was a rather strange mix of ser... Read Full Entry

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A sign points the way...A sign points the way...
A sign points the way...

But can horses read?

16th May 2008

The 'W' Hike
I am speachless. WELL DONE!!!
16th May 2008

Well done, you must now be very fit! I am extremely proud of you both. Hey Ants that beard must be keepin you warm! Big
18th May 2008

scruffy nephew funky monkey
I love you, when will you come back. One day could I go to that Island with you. from Dillan.xxxxxxxxxx
19th May 2008

the intrepid explorers find out why Torres del Paine is aptly named
Amazing stupendous fantastic awesome I have run out of adjectives to describe your latest adventure. Pictues out of this world writing pretty good too. I am very proud of both of you, but glad to read about it after rather than before. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Lots of love xxxx
20th May 2008

Trek Tastic
The beard is coming on great. I hope that your muscles etc have recovered. 93km in 5 days is certainly something to be proud of. sharing your travels is great fun.
20th May 2008

Sounds like a good trek. Me and Alex were gonna do a 150 km hike across the pyrenees mountains at somepoint. How heavy were your packs... Drop me a mail guys.
26th May 2008

High Steaks
Alright, Looks and sounds like you have been having a fantastic time so far. I can certainly see why you stayed in Argentina for an extra month, it looks a truly amazing place. I'm sooo jealous! At the same time, I have been v.much enjoying getting my kicks vicariously by reading your blog. Keep up the good work (it's a hard life but someone's got to do it). Lots of love. Dougs
27th May 2008

ur hair now
hay you got all hairy lol you both look really well and like your having a great time love ur wee sis

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