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November 26th 2016
Published: November 27th 2016
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Sunday saw us hopping on a bus to Tierra del Fuego National Park where we chose to do a 8.5km walk along the shores of Lago Acagami. The weather is always unpredictable in this part of the world and we started in bright sunshine negotiating, at times a rough path through lovely forest. It took a little under an hour and a half to reach the end which sits astride the Chile - Argentina border amid s... Read Full Entry

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Heard of GuanacoHeard of Guanaco
Heard of Guanaco

Tor research del paine national park
Heard of Guanaco Heard of Guanaco
Heard of Guanaco

Torres del paine national park
Ice floating on the lakeIce floating on the lake
Ice floating on the lake

Perito Moreno glacier
Awesome is it not?Awesome is it not?
Awesome is it not?

Perito Moreno glacier
Calfing iceCalfing ice
Calfing ice

Perito Moreno glacier
Austral raptor Austral raptor
Austral raptor

El Calafate
Centro civicCentro civic
Centro civic

St BernardSt Bernard
St Bernard

Interesting artInteresting art
Interesting art

Puerto Varas
Southern CaracaraSouthern Caracara
Southern Caracara

Volcan Osmorno
Crater RojasCrater Rojas
Crater Rojas

Volcan Osmorno
Saltos del Petrohue Saltos del Petrohue
Saltos del Petrohue

Near lake Llanquehue

29th November 2016

Wild Patagonia
I find it fascinating to read of the adventures of others in Patagonia...to feel the vibe in their words as to how the experience affected them. I thus read yours. I gotta say you have travelled through some of the most pristine wilderness areas in the World. We regard Torres del Paine as the most beautiful place in the World and my own blog was so titled. Yet when our daughter was there it was windsweep, wet and bitterly cold. The weather in Patagonia is definitely a determinate in the level of enjoyment. Yet reading your account I cannot help noticing you traveled everywhere by bus and at least in Torres del Paine regretted not hiring a car. I cannot agree more. We hired a car in Bariloche and traveled south. A friend recently did the same at our insistence and also agrees that as she did so it increased her enjoyment tenfold. Next time next wilderness place may I suggest you do so!
29th November 2016

Wild Patagonia
You are dead right Dave it is an expensive and often difficult part of the world to get around, if I did it again I would hire a car in Bariloche or even mendoza and drive down and if possible leave the vehicle in Ushuaia and fly out.
3rd December 2016

Patagonia...wild and wonderful
We are eager to go to Patagonia and really enjoy your writing. We will take your advice and rent a car.

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