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February 14th 2011
Published: February 19th 2011
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Rano sme si vyzdvihli nase velke batohy z hostela kde sme ich nechali pred nasim vyletom do narodneho parky a mali este cas na prijemny piknik v blizkom parku. Na stanici sme zistili ze autobus ktory mal odchadzat o tretej pride najskor o stvrtej. Na chilskej strane hranice nas ako obycajne cakala podrobna prehliadka kvoli zakazu dovozu cerstveho jedla do Chile. Vsetky veci museli ist cez rontgen a nejakym nestastnikom objavili obrovske zasoby jedla - klobasky, chleba, susene ovocie, zelenina. Samozrejme ze vsetko museli ist von, Stanik nemohol zniest pohlad na klobasky putujuce do kosa a tak sa hned opytal ci je to mozne zjest tam. Colnici suhlasili a tak si par ludi urobilo hostinu. Dotycny clovek bol samozrejme nahnevany a tak si zanadaval - po cesky a tak sme sa hned aj dali do reci, jeho kamarat bol american. Do Puerto Montt sme nakoniec dorazili s 2.5 hodinovym oneskorenim o 11.30 vecer, nastastie sme mali zahovoreny hostel. Nasi novy znamy nemali vybavene nic a tak sme im ponukli aby isli s nami.

In the morning we got our big ruksacks from the hostel we stayed before our trip to the park and then we still had a time for lovely al fresco picnic in nearby park. On the bus station we were told that our bus at 3 was coming at 4. On the chilean side of border there was as usual proper, tough X ray search because of a ban of bringing any fresh food to the country. All our staff had to go through it and we were fine but they found a lot of food of some unlucky guys - salamis, bread, dried fruit, vegetables. Of course, everything had to go , Stan couldnt bear a sight of salamis going to the bin so he asked if it would be possible to eat it there on a spot. The officers agreed with it and so few people had a nice feast. One of the guys was really upset and started to swear very rudely - in czech language, so we started to talk, his friend was an american. In the end we arrived to Puerto Montt with 2 hours delay at 11.30 pm, fortunatelly we had reserved room in advance. Our new friends didnt so we offered them to go with us.


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