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May 17th 2010
Published: June 25th 2010
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We decided to go down to the docks to see the much talked about Sealions, They are huddled on the rocks near where the fishermen disembark and unload their catch, the growls and the smell of rotten fish and bad breath greet you as you near these huge creatures,a large male lay lounging on a large rock enjoying the suns rays, we watched as the females and their babies frolicked in the surf, one large male approached the other who was lazing in the sun, a few grunts took place but it was obvious that the approaching male was younger and stronger, the maturer of the two threw a few shapes and appeared to put up a defense but it was bravado and he soon moved on as the "king" of the sealions took his place on the sun drenched rock, both had deep scars from previous confrontations but it was obvious who the harem and nursery belonged to, peace was restored.

We went to a local cafe on the dock and sampled the fine delights of the local seafood, we watched more being unloaded in the harbour as we ate our meal, thus we felt assured of the freshness of our lunch.
Later we went for a walk and watched the body boarders slice and spin through huge waves in a local competition taking place on the a wave known as El Gringo, This wave has attracted surfers and body boarders from all over the world and has put Arica on the surfing map.

We returned to the hostel and prepared to head back to the mountains.

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