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March 18th 2009
Published: April 18th 2009
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Hi everyone,
Hope you are all keeping well. We are doing just fine here having gone through some scary road trips but thats for another day. Today my friends i will give you a short story onhow to get up and down a volcano.
Firstly it was St.Patricks day so happy very belated paddy's day to you all and i hope you didn't consume all the Guiuness. I am missing it a little. You have to take a tour up the volcano as it is a bit dangerous and well you know us always up for something dangerous. A little bit anyway! So we drove out to the base of the volcano and well as you all know from a distance any mountain is climbable and then you get beside it and it doesn't look so nice any more. I suppose knowing the height of the volcano 2850m might have gave it away but whose thinking numbers. But we were ready and so with all the gear we started to hike. It was a very easy slow pase and well it was not the most thrilling part but hey itsa volcano and you don't do this every day so that was
There she is!There she is!There she is!

Huffing and puffing!
Oh by the way the name of the volcnao is Pucon and it is south of Santiago. A really beautiful location with alake and beach and a very nice town.
So up and up we went. At a point we had to attach our crampons and go on the snow. It amazes me that snow can actually be on volcanoes as you think all is hot and well heat and snow don't go. But as we all well know its only in the dark insides of these monsters that is hot beyond our imaginations.
On we went and the views were amazing. In the not so very far distance there were another four volcanoes which was just amazing. Some i think were extinct but not all which means this place is so active it kind of is a bit scary. Last year a volcano in the south of Chile, El Chaiten just erupted without any warning and destroy a massive area and even over on the border of Argentina massive amounts of ash dropped. So you never know! but they are amazing to see and well all was quiet for now. We eventually made it to the top after 4hours and wow. There was the crater in all its glory and smell and it was so cool. The gases were really stong ifyou got caught in them and they would burn your throat. But it was only when the wind blew in your direction otherwise it was fine. We hung around up there for an hour and had lunch. No marshmallows! Shame!
So that was the going up, the up and now was the going down. This part took only 2hours and boy was it fun. We clinbed over rocks for some of it but then we put on these nappy things aound our bums and slid down the snow. Yo go so fast its crazy. The sides are really steep so it looks scary but when you are on the move its brilliant. The last slide was just crazy. The guides were saying that you must use your pike to control and they were serious which knid of made us a bit nervous. And then it was my turn. You sit down and all of a sudden you are going so fast that you nearly fly. It was like doing bobsledging only on your butt. you slide up the sides and then down again which makes you go even faster. What a rush! At the bottom some people over slid the snow and fell over it was funny. We made it to the bottom of the vlcano and it was great. We had so much fun! So if you are ever near a vilcono you ust go up cause the coming down is just the best!

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Half way!Half way!
Half way!

And very windy!
At the top!At the top!
At the top!

View from the volcano!
At the top!At the top!
At the top!

The crater behind!
Another volcano!Another volcano!
Another volcano!

We are above the clouds too!

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