Going to Bolivia next

Published: May 13th 2006
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Valle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la Luna

The Moon Rise
We´re now in San Pedro de Atacama. It´s like an oasis in a desert, a little touristy town in a vast dry desert and salt plain area. Visited Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) and Geysers El Tatio. The terrain in Valle de la Luna is supposed to be similar to Mars wor. Suppose to catch sunset there, but in the end, we caught the full moon rising instead. Think it´s more appropriate since it´s called the Moon Valley. For the geysers, we had to wake up at 3.30am. It was freezing cold at -10degree. And worst, we have to combat the high altitude at 4,320 m.a.s.l. Managed to survive that though I felt breathless and stomach churning occassionally. But poor OSM, puke again.

Will be going to Uyuni, Bolivia on a 3 days 4 WD trip tomorrow. Very excited about being able to visit Bolivia, after hearing so much from other travellers. Will have many photo opportunities. But at the same time, very worried about the high altitude in Bolivia. Keeping my fingers crossed now!

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16th May 2006

please remember to breathe deeply, talk slowly, laugh sparingly when AMS strikes yah... oh yes and the glucose water. oh and ur gingko pills... i'm such a nag... yak yak yak.. Delivered ur barang to ur house wif 0.5.... ur mom is happy to see us... kept talking and talking hehe.... so cute.

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