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December 27th 2008
Published: January 3rd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

We arrived in Brazil on 'el tren de la muerte' (the death train). The guidebook had warned us to expect a journey from hell, with long delays in mosquito-ridden swampy areas, uncomfortable seats and an aisle crammed with contraband. There are many theories about how the train got its name. A common one is that it was named due to the sheer number of passengers falling from the train’s roof to... Read Full Entry

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6th January 2009

Brazil looks ace!
Awesome pics as ever - especially love the ones of the caimens. I like to imagine you sitting right in front of their faces to get the close ups. Paul looks like Robinson Crusoe in the one where he's holding up the fish he caught! Did you eat the piranhas? Not even one de-railment on the death train? How dissapointing.
6th January 2009

Just realised that is Paul in the photo with the croc/alligator/whatever. Nutter.
20th July 2009

Brazil rocks!
Wonderful country, the best people of the world. That's the way it is, SURPRISED, everything in Brazil is much better than we imagine. Awesome pictures, congratulations for the text as well.
21st September 2010
Hammock Dormitory

Wow I live in Brazil and I've never been to the Pantanl. I'm definitely going to go backpacking in South America next year. I really enjoyed reading you adventures here in Brazil. You need to go back and visit Rio in beautiful and sunny day :). See ya
1st August 2011

Hey, the falls....
Argentina shares the Iguzú falls with Brazil. They are on our (Argentina) side of the map. I mean, it´s ok, I love them, they are awesome, but they don´t belong to Brazil. And yes, they are the most outstanding landscape I have ever seen in my whole life. Love. Graciela.

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