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February 17th 2011
Published: February 17th 2011
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So, I swear we've been in the air for, like, 10 days. Just kidding. Currently in the Sao Paolo airport waiting for connection to Asuncion. Delayed by a hour and a half, or something like that.
Actually, the TAM flight was nice. Huge airplane, comfy blankets, warm towels, decent food. It's so crazy to feel like such a foreigner! Most people speak english, but first everybody speaks to you in portuguese, which is such an amazing, swooshy language. Wild. And it's kinda like: ..."uh....sorry...what? I don't understand. Do you speak english?" which, in portuguese is "o que, nao percebo; fala ingles?", pronounced like: "oo kay? nowng pirsayboo; fala inglaysha?" Yeah. Try that!

ANYHOO! No, I promise I wont be constantly blogging about my boring layovers!!! Here's something, though;
there's rain in Brazil and we had a little turbulence coming in. Not far from the airport, there's suddenly this flash outside the left side of the wing and this bang! Did we get struck by lightening? Did we suck some super-highflying water fowl into an engine? Of course I'm not sure, because "nao percebo", but whatever it was provided some excitement, and everyone clapped once the plane landed on the runway.

GTs! No worries, Ma!


17th February 2011

Isn't flying so much fun?! LOL Love hearing about your antics, next best thing to having you here!
17th February 2011

That "high-flying water fowl" will undoubtedly be served as the next flight's entree! Thanks for keeping us posted. Loving it! xoxo
20th February 2011

How is the trip going? 12 more weeks to go. We are mapping you on our new map at work. Make sure you keep us posted. Yahoo!!! I am glad you landed safely. That story was crazy!!!

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