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April 20th 2008
Published: April 20th 2008
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Day 5
Opted for an early start so we could maximise any possible sunshine.. Headed down to Ipanema beach where we could see the Christ. After umming and ahhing for a while about the clouds we just decided to risk it and head up. What a good decision. Sun shone down on us and the clouds stayed away. THe views were amazing. We could see the whole city and right across to Sugar Loaf. Tom took on the role of Japenese tourist and snapped away at every possible opportunity! One of the best bits was when we were half way down and we saw monkeys in the jungle!!

So then we decided to take the tram down from the mountain through Santa Theresa. We liked it because it was like we were in a nice little colonial town, so we stopped off and got some munch.

Finished our day off with a little jaunt up Sugar Loaf for the sunset. From here we got views of the Christ and the city from a different angle.

THEN....we went to the hostel and worked our way through several Capirinhas- a Brazillian special, before hitting Lapa for some Samba beats with a couple of guys from the hostel. The club was really cool, live music and lots of dancing and we managed to get ourselves a cheeky slice of free chocolate cake from a Brazillian family. bonus...Midnight munchies arrived so we left so tom could have a goat kebab covered in flour. yummy.

Day 6
Had a quiet morning then headed up to the Maracana, biggest footy stadium in the world. Did the tour around the ground, through the changing rooms and all that jazz then out onto the pitch and up into the stands. Was really good, nice to have a look around before tomoro when we go to the cup semi final between Fluminese and Botafogo, two local teams so lots of rivalry. Should be about 100,000 people there. Excited. Get me a flag and a flare...


23rd April 2008
A brazilian priest is missing after winds swept him out to sea as he tried to set record for flight using helium-filled balloons. Stop everything, get searching!!

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