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July 12th 2005
Published: July 12th 2005
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Well it took a while but we have finally made it here! we are now in a net cafe which our lovley new brazilian friend robby took us to!
sorry to all of our fans that we didnt let you know sooner that we got here, thats because our stupid flight to rio from madrid was cancelled, so we got to spend a night in a lovely 4star hotel in madrid! i am sure that we will moan about it to you when we get home so i wont bore you with it now, all i can say is that it is so lovley here i wouldnt be surprised if you never saw us again! weather is fab! people are lovely and we can see a jungle from our bedroom window!! its amazing (apart from the cockroach in our room but i think we might just grow to love him too!)
i dont know what else to say, because we are not really missing you, its too nice here! and nope thats not a joke! hehe okay we miss (some of) you a bit!
anyway we need to get back to sunbathing and drinking coconut milk...directly from the coconut, oh yeah!
love you all
Laura and Dom


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