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Published: February 15th 2012
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Hi All,

We are now almost 2 weeks in and I think I can safely speak on behalf of us to say that we are havng an amazing time. We work 4 days a week - 2 at the creche and 2 at the orphange. At the creche there are 200 babies between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, hectic doesnt cover it. I work with the 6 months to 1 year olds, and kenny with the 2 year olds, which works out well for us. The orphange I find to be a little harder because they are older and can actually talk so there is quite a big language barrier, which kenny seems to be batterling a lot better then myself. However we have been able to find common grounds while playing games and sport which keeps them occupied for hours! So all in all, work is really good, the schedule is pretty flexible and we only have two early starts, although both the places are an hour away which is a bit of a pain.

Last weekend the weather was a little overcast so for the first time we were not roasting so we took the opportunity to go see the botanical gardens. It was amazing!! It was by far the most stunnning park/garden we┬┤ve ever seen and we had so much fun wonderng around for hours with the rest of our group from the hostel. We even got to seen tucans and lots of monkeys! Saturday night after attempting our first few batchs of caipirinhas, we went out to our first club. At first it was just typical american music playing then before we knew it we had been swept up into a samba cloud. Complelty unknowing of the dance and with two left (in my case) we sambaed until 5am even getting a compliment from a native! The next day we went to the beach to rest and recuperate, however as typical rio goes the beach was another samba party as pre canival started to begin, so again we joined in, however the sand made it just that much harder.

I have to say my favourite thing so far is the hostel, or more so the atmosphere created by the people here. From day one we have met so many nice people from every nationalitly. For the last week we have had quite a close group (some of the people kenny previously described) and we now plan and do everything together. In particular we all cook these big meals, each night trying to pick a different nationality and so far they have all been a huge succes and a lot of fun. Another past time that has evolved into our weekly routine is watching the sunset from this rock at the end of the beach. However just as the sun sets, the brazilians all clap - which still makes us laugh.

Last night, after fighting withdrawl symptoms for so long, kenny went and got himself a basketball and went down to the local courts with Jesper. 4 hours later he reappeared, very sweaty, very excited, and probably with 25 new brazilian friends! Anyways happy valentines everyone, much love from the both of us! Please send us your messages or news, we would love to hear.

Charlotte x


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