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December 12th 2010
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Leaving behind the sogginess of Ilha Grande, we headed south to the coastal colonial town of Paraty.

Day 1 - The Beach and the Natural Pool

Up early doors, for a short bus ride to a local beach, Trindade, for some sun, sea and sand, which there seems to be a lot of in Brazil. Getting off the bus we overheard some fellow travellers talking of natural pools located 45 mins along the coast, accessed via a trail that lead through Jungle and along the beach - thankfully less of an endurance test than Ilha Grande. The pools were a formation of giant boulders that sectioned off part of the sea and were inhabited by schools of black and yellow stripped fish - first chance to really test the underwater capabilities of my new camera! As if surviving the takeshi´s castle style trails wasn´t enough, we decided to try and break our necks by scaling the larger boulders to jump off!

Day 2 - The Waterfall Slide

Another short bus ride, this time inland, lead to a waterfall found behind a quaint church, coloured blue and white, sat on top of a huge boulder. A few minutes up a path lead to the top of the fall, which ran down a massive rock face. We were with 3 friends from the hostel, and 4/5 managed to land on their arses trying to make it to the middle of the fall to slide down (mine still hurts)! It was great fun, see the pictures and video, and while it started off slow by the end you´re flying. Afterwards, we made our way to the bar at the top of the waterfall on the otherside of a rope bridge, hanging over more large boulders. Brazil is like a giant playground, though it seems everything is designed to put your life at risk. Anyway, the bar was closed and we soon made our way back.

Point To Note - The Great Hostel Robbery

Returning, we discovered that the hostel manager, Alex, had made off with all their money and the town were on the hunt for him - Maverick! While funny, it did hurt that earlier he had invited us to a Samba class that night, which we were all looking forward to. Everyone seemed surprised, however, that morning I had thought that his laughed seemed a bit evil-super-villiain-esque.

Day 3 - Boat Trip

We toured islands and beaches, snorkeling and swimming, on schooners, old fishing boats now converted for tourism. Managed to see iguanas (turns out they like water melon), turtles, electric blue butterflies, and large guinea pig type animals.

Day 4 - Admin Stuff

Today we update the blog and tonight begins a 6 hour trip to Sao Paolo, followed by a 10 hour layover, and another 17 hour trip to the Iguacu Falls. Brazil happens to be quite big, though I cannot wait...

Jane "I do not burn" Mariah Carey happened to go lobster today!

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12th December 2010

Hey wheres the video??? Did you get robbed? Pics are looking lovely, just hijacking your room which is also now looking LUVLY! Mwwhhahaha xxxx
16th December 2010
The Rope Bridge

Im a celebrityyy gettt meee outaa herrreee :) hope use are having a good time sliding down waterfalls and all the only thing im slidings down is the snowy curb :@ x x

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