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January 31st 2008
Published: February 26th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

From the bus station by taxi to the Icarai Hotel in Niteroi, across the bay over the 13km bridge, the cost was R$55.

I enjoyed myself at the hotel.
The restaurant food was good. The breakfast was tasty. The coffee was OK until milk was put into it.

Bus number 33 to the ferry stopped at the corner. Bus costs R$1.90 and can be paid in cash. The ferry cost R$2.40 per ride. In the Metro one ride was also over R$2.00. The Metro was a bit of a disappointment ... it was a far walk to find one and a far walk to get somewhere when leaving the station. Connecting with the bus routes is an important and necessary piece of information.

The travelling back and forth was easy. What made it difficult was the late night returns.
20:00 was not bad. But when it became 23:00 and 03:00 taxis had to be taken, no matter what the cost. Not a good idea to tempt Fate.

I had planned tostay in the hotel where Hils was staying. It was almost 05:00 when we got to her room. To my surprise her room mate was there. I had thought and she had spoken as if she was going to be put all night. I could have stayed at the Sambadromo until the final school came thru but Hils was falling asleep. We walked back to her hotel ... half an hour minimum.

When I saw her roommate at home I beat a quick retreat and waited for a controlled taxi, that cost me R$75 too get to Iacarai.

The rain everyday was a bit depressing. As I looked out my window I could see no one on Icarai Priai.

Because of Carnaval everything was closed. Getting to the city before the Carnaval Holiday willl be a priority for the next Carnanval trip.

Even though Niteroi as calm, pleasant, and safe feeling I do believe that I willl stay in the hotel that Hils used. Hve to ask her the name. I'm sure she wrote it into her little book.

The hotel is not faded. The Lonely Planet Guide Book was wrong ... probably not the first time.


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