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January 11th 2009
Published: January 11th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well hello there!
We are still aclimatizing to the heat and the madness of this place... got a bit over confident today õn the beach and ended up looking like streaky bacon! wont be doing that again....
We arrived last tuesday in rio and stayed for 2 days, we didnt see much of the city but what we did see was incredible. the most beautifully situated city we´d ever seen. Our hostel, Lemon spirit, was lovely... we got put right on the top the building with our own roof terrace and a lovely view over Leblon. it was only 1 block from the beach... heaven! but also very hot and stuffy and busy so thats why we´ve missioned 3 hours up the coast to a place called Praia de Pero, which is a small holiday town right by the beach. it is full of peoplebut we have found a nice little could-be-but-not- quite-paradise in the form of añ eco hostel (pero hostel)... it is full of character but unfinished and completely rough around the edges. In a few years time i can see it being really beautiful... yet shoddy! Our room (again, right at the top) is almost open air with gaps where walls should be... we sleep in a crog loft above the room and on windy nights, enclosed in our mozi net, it feels like we´ve pitched a tent in a tree!
Sadly, the coast is very expensive his time of year, so our plan to travel up the coast to Salvador in time for carnival is unrealistic... instead we are going to travel inland, en route to Bolivia and on the way try and find the spirit of Brazil because right now it feels like Butlins could be round the corner!
havent sorted photo´s yet and not sure if we will until we get back... our words will have to do!
Will keep you posted asap.... Much Love, A&D x


14th January 2009

Im gutted! hope u both love it x
21st January 2009

Lovely to read your blogs Rather a big step forward to the old carrier pigeon So tickled by your description of having to wips your shoes BEFORE leaving the hotel I shall dine out on that. A big, and rather strange in some ways, adventure for you both. Just keep FIT! My very best wishes. Am off to Oz on the 8th and also booked to go to Killarney in May and the TT races in IOM in June so I thought I might go up to N Wales for Easter as I shall just be back from Oz and don't need to sit around doing useful things!!!!!!!!!! Love from G/Mu

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