The AMAZING Iguazu falls......from the Brazilian side!

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February 17th 2012
Published: April 15th 2012
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After having seen Iguazu falls from the Argentinian side, I was ever so slightly sceptical as to what the experience would be like from the Brazilian side. Most people you speak to will tell you that the Argentinian side is better and others tell you to not even bother with the Brazilian side. For us though, this seemed ridiculous, as how can seeing those falls again be a disappointment? I just hoped we would see enough difference in the Brazilian side to warrant the trip over the border. Either way though, we would get a day out, be able to see the falls from all the possible view points, plus, we would get to head into Brazil for the day. Bit of a no brainer really!

Before we got to see the falls though, we needed to check out of our hotel. We actually didn’t want to move out, however when we first checked in, the young lad at reception (about 22) told me that the hotel would be full on Friday due to Carnival (of course…Carnival, what else!) then, he asked me a strange question ‘Are you single?’ At first, I was a little taken a back; however after I told him ‘No, I have a Fiancée’ he explained the reason for his question. Come Friday, when Carnival was on, he had filled out the hotel guestrooms purely with girls! Therefore, once he knew I was in a relationship, he sniggered, and said ‘more for me then!’ After mentioning this conversation to Matt, he suddenly seemed a little reluctant to leave the hotel!

So, we checked into the new hostel, and although not full of Argentinian girls in the pool, it was none the less just what we wanted. After checking in, we made our way to the bus station to see what the deal was about getting over to Brazil to see the falls. Fortunately, we were able to board the bus straight away and this one went direct to Brazil and straight to the falls. So, after a quick run around to the ticket office to find Troy and Kylie and say goodbye, we were on our way to Brazil.

The journey was actually very easy, and after only an hour and a half or so, we had got to the border, crossed it, and were in Iguaçu national park, Brazil. The first view that we got of the falls once there, was awesome. It gave you a real overview of what we had seen the previous day, however being further away gave you a sense of just how huge these falls really were. After having admired this view for some time, we moved on down the 1.5km path and immediately came across a couple of spider monkeys jumping from tree to tree right in front of us. Not something we were expecting, but it really was quite an amazing sight!

Making our way further down the path, we saw plenty more stunning waterfalls, many of which we couldn’t have seen from the Argentinian side so we were all really glad that we took the time to come over the border. Finally we arrived at the end of the trail where you got to see ‘the devils throat’. Here, it was fierce, and the spray from the water due to the wind was incredible. We were all pretty soaked by the time we had finished taking in the view and snapping our pictures, which really helped cool us all down on this sunny day in Brazil!

Once we got back from the national park and was back in Argentina, we noticed Troy and Kylie boarding a bus. We sprinted over there and fortunately caught them before they left and managed to say our final goodbyes, as we was unsure when the next time our paths would cross. We knew that eventually they would cross as at the very least as we are heading to NZ where Troy and Kylie both live, but also because it was obvious Troy was stalking us throughout South America (Sorry mate, had to get that in!!)

Once evening fell, we pretty much followed the usual ritual of getting some beers and wine in as well as eating some delicious steak and once we had enough of that, we retired to our triple room for some rest and relaxation before our next bus of the trip… this one bound for Salta.

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...but I was just too fast!...but I was just too fast!
...but I was just too fast!

'read the English part of the sign of you dont get this!!'

15th April 2012

When I visit the Falls, I will likely go to both sides...
but once I pay $130 for the visa I will likely head to the interior or coast of Brazil, and then fly back to the States from Rio. Were there easy bus connections in that direction?
16th April 2012

Into Brazil
Hi Bob...not sure about going further into Brazil as we didnt manage to go apart from Iguazu, however from what we have seen and heard, there are plenty of people that come from all over Brazil via bus to Iguazu and therefore i imagine its easy enough to go back to the big cities or beach towns from here. Sorry we cannot be of more help on this one...
16th April 2012
...but I was just too fast!

This made me laugh
I actually took a picture of this same sign and was thinking that even I could out run or overtake a slow moving banister. Great blog and great pictures.
16th April 2012
...but I was just too fast!

Thanks for the comment Brendan. The sign was almost too easy to mock, so had to be done! Thanks also for the compliment. We also enjoy reading your stuff too. Take it easy - M&D
16th April 2012

Can't wait to go here in January. Looks amazing!!
16th April 2012

Green boy!
Was amazing mate and i know that you and Lucy will love it there!. That is if you go to the right place....never heard of Iguazo falls.....!!!

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