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Published: May 7th 2012
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We were sad to be departing Paraty, our adopted home for the previous four nights and a place we will remember for a long time to come. I suppose it is better to leave a place and feel a sense of sadness at the departure than linger too long and leave feeling fed up, but Paraty felt like one of those places where our stay would never reach such a limit. Beaches, beauty and atmosphere, the town h... Read Full Entry

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7th May 2012

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I loved how your blog has such rich detail about the culture and the environment of South America. It sounds like you have had an amazing experience and are loving every minute of it. Your use of photography in the blog is amazing, you have really captured the natural beauty in this environment and it really communicates how beautiful the world really is.
7th May 2012

OK, but...
Excellent pictures. The Iguazú Falls are in the limit of Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazú National Park belongs to Argentina. When you are in the balcony watching the Falls to what is known as the Garganta del Diablo you are in Argentina. That is not Brazil. I am from Argentina and although I am NOT a nationalist, I think it´s very important to make it clear. Hugs. Graciela.
7th May 2012

Your writing and of course, the awesome photography, are really making me want to go to Brazil! Wow! I wonder if I took back my $1,100 shoes, if I could afford it? ;)
7th May 2012

Completely understand your fascination with these beautiful birds!!!! We spent two days at the falls looking for them as to us they were a symbol that we were both in the 'rainforest' and also in S.America. We even convinced each other that the black dot sized silhouette we spotted was one to keep us happy. Luckily on our second day we spotted a couple up a tree as we were leaving, we would have walked straight past them if it wasn't for a group of Japanese peeps crowding around excitingly taking photos... God bless the Japanese!!! :)
12th May 2012

God bless, indeed!
We loved them!! They're so peculiar looking. Chris still has slight bruising on his elbow as one had a little chomp.
8th May 2012

And speak for themselves they did!
Incredible photos guys - well done :-)
12th May 2012

Thank you Jo, glad you liked them :)
8th May 2012

In an ethereal land there was MichealnFaye...then ThreeFifty...and now joining them Chris & Amy...I will watch your development with interest.
12th May 2012

Thanks for reading Dave!
We'll get to work on the next blog for you- lots of dancing!
9th May 2012
Us at the Falls

green with envy
we have just been looking at your latest blog, we are sat here in rainy england admiring all your lovely photo's lots of ooing n awing going on, wish we were there. the both of you look healthy and well, take care stay safe, miss you so much love jue n nan xxxx
12th May 2012

I cannot believe how beautifully breathtaking your photos are. So so stunning. Are you guys professional photographers or just very talented? I went to Iguassu a few years ago, but only had a point and shoot camera, so your pictures really put mine to shame. Please publish a book or calendar with your best photos. :-)
12th May 2012

Unfortunately not...
we're not professional, just have enough opportunity to practice at the moment in beautiful places such as Iguacu! Thanks for your kind words.
14th May 2012

Hi guys, as always your photos are amazing ! The Iguazu pictures were great and the birds, can't stop looking at it !!!
22nd April 2014

You do need to make a book of these pictures!
So you would recommend getting to the falls early, right? Is one day enough at the Falls?

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