Amazing Iguazu

Published: July 9th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hi all,

Well we survived both the 3 hour truck ride and the 12 hour bus ride... to the border of Uruguay and Argentina, and then further to Brazil... Just a quick note to tell you that this is a thermal spa area. So after a very bumpy and exhausting drive, we found ourselves in this strange town, with waterslides and people strolling around in their bathrobes... totally normal..?!

Anyhoo we then managed to cross back over into Argentina..with only one small mishap. The guards did not want to let one of our tour group after a lot of persuading, and a very rushed taxi trip to the bus station, we finally boarded our 12 hour bus ride that would take us through Argentina, to Brazil.

Now... we were unhappy to find that unlike our last ´luxury' bus... this one was not so comfy... but it did serve us dinner and brekkie. bonus. A sore back and tired eyes saw the arrival to the Brazil border. Finally we had arrived in Foz do Iguazu!

We visited the national park, and saw the famous ´Iguazu Falls´ from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides! (see photos).
The second day was the Argentinian side... and as well as lots of lovely walks through the rain forest, we were also thrilled to be going on a jet boat along, and under the falls! Off we skipped with our ponchos and water proof bags, slightly unaware of what was to follow. ha ha, boy was it fun...and very wet! We were drenched by the end, but our faces were grinning and we had a great time.

We saw a few native animals... the best being the toucan! Unfortunatley they were a bit far away to get good photos of. They also have hawks, and small racoon like creatures called a coatis, who have become quite domesticated and just roam around the park with you.. we thought they were similar to quokkas, so we were quite comfortable with them... unlike some others in our group..!
We went on a train ride and an adventure truck through more rainforest and were treated to more flora and fauna sightings.

The waterfalls themselves were amazing. they were so powerful, and such an awesome thing to be able to see up close. They lined one whole mountain, about 12 of them in a row. The sound was intense, and the spray was abundant.

We spent a bit of time in the town of Foz do Iguazu. The main highlight being a dinner of all you can eat Churrasco (and dessert). My goodness were we full by then end. Boy oh boy do they cook their meat well here...and im sure there´s plenty more to come.

So, tonight we board another over night bus (16 hrs) this time and we arrive in to Paraty tomorrow afternoon. We spend a couple of days here relaxing on the beach... ahh Caprihinas will be enjoyed!

Love to you all, hope to hear from you.

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10th July 2008

mmmmmm.. beer
You're bringing me back one of those cans of beer right?
10th July 2008

YAY!!!! Couldn't wait for more blogs and then found 3...YIPPEE. Loved the cowgirls at the ranch! The Falls looked bloody huge, you got some great photos. What are they doing not giving you the luxury buses, how rude!!!! The steaks look humungous!! Sending much huggin. xxoo
11th July 2008

hey guys! haha Lovely photos and blogs, i am enjoying your little stories, keep em comin xxx
12th July 2008

what do the vegetarians eat? there seems to be a lot a lot of meat!!!!!!!!!

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