Iguazu Falls - Al fin del mundo

Published: April 3rd 2008
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Karen and Tony say

We are going to try and keep this one to a minimum as we reckon the pictures do the talking here, also we're sure you are exhausted after the Pantal episode.

The spectacular Iguazu Falls lie on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It is possible to view the falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides. We had heard that it is worth seeing it from both sides as the two offer different experiences, which proved to be true.

From the Brazilian side you get a panoramic view of the falls. From the Argentinian side you can get far closer to the falls with walks along the top and access to the edge of La Gargantua del Diablo (The Devil's Throat).

To access the falls from the Brazilian side we stayed just outside of the nearest town Foz do Iguacu in Hostel Natura. It was a really great place and we would highly recommend it. It is set in lovely grounds and is really fab for chilling out.

When we first saw the falls we both laughed, as you can't really believe what you are seeing. The scale
A view from ArgentinaA view from ArgentinaA view from Argentina

La Gargantua del Diablo
was difficult to take in, they are huge! At every turn of the trail you gain a different perspective of the falls. It was a great day out and thoroughly enjoyable.

We both agree that the Argentinian side offered a better experience as you can get right up close to much of the falls. One of the highlights of the day was La Gargantua del Diablo. Here a walk accross the wide river culminates at what seems like the edge of the world as you look down into the abyss of the thundering falls. We were doused from head to foot in the constant swirling spray which was a lovely sensation. Luckily we managed to get there before the crowds which made for a particularly special time. The Argentinian side actually takes a full day in order to fully appreciate, and we were both exhausted by the end of it, so we treated ourselves to a splurge at the Sheraton hotel, great views of the falls and great food!

The Iguacu were one of the sights we had most looked forward to seeing and we both feel it lived up to our expectations and more.

Unfortunately there was one casualty at the Iguazu falls, Kazza's beloved flip flops died. She has had them for over ten years, they will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. RIP.

Additional photos below
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View from BrazilView from Brazil
View from Brazil

Just to give you a break from the waterfalls!
The WindowThe Window
The Window

La Ventana
The obligatory mug shotThe obligatory mug shot
The obligatory mug shot

Soaking but happy

4th April 2008

breath taking pics
Dear tony and karen you look like you are having the most wanderfull time and your writing and pictures are good for a travel book love you both yiannis
8th April 2008

I've got to say your pics get better and better. So much wildlife to see and great views. Keep them coming guys as it keeps us sane.
9th April 2008

Im amazed. You guys kik ass. Im absolutly over the moon at the sights youz are seeing. Keep the blogs coming and keep the pics comin too. From yer wee broster...
11th April 2008

Tony must be glad to see the back of those flip-flops (Jandels over here), they look rotten!
11th April 2008

Looks like a great time indeed. Loving the beard Tony :)>

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