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August 26th 2011
Published: August 26th 2011
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In a few hours we get on a boat and head up the Amazon River - somebody pinch me!
The output of the Amazon Rvr in one day is enough to provide the whole of New York City for one year!
We have experienced a number of logistical problems the last 3 days - a serious lack of space (we now each have a backpack, a bag and some plastic packets) and flights that no longer fly to where we want to go. So, although Belem is a shoppers paradise (clothes at super cheap prices), we had to forego most of the shopping in order to visit all the travel agencies in the area to see if they could organise something. With no luck. We have therefore decided to head half way up the Amazon River (5 days by boat) to Manaus to see if we can find a small plane to take us to the Colombian border. If not, we will have to do a further 6 days by boat to the border.
Belem is a great bustling town with heaps of shopping. Our memory of this place will be the HEAT though. Just a stone~s throw from the equator, you are soaked in sweat 5 minutes after stepping out the shower. We arrived at 5:30 and the temperature was already 29C!
And this heat will not abate till we get to Peru, so we´ve made a conscious decision to decrease our hygiene standards in order to keep our sanity!
Hammocks - check. Pineapples - check. Sunscreen - check.
Check you all on the flip side!


30th August 2011

Is that Colombian border THE colombian border that is completely surrounded by forest and not known for being very know, that border crossing along the Amazon you showed me, that you thought you'd better not take. Rather fly into the city on the other side of Colombia??? You should now be one day from Manaus... I hope you find that plane... Have fun, my adventurous, amazing friends!! love A
1st September 2011

Finally worked it out!
At last we have worked out how to act!ivate your blog ! Can't believe that your new Spanish friend was reading miguel's book.What a coincidence. Hope you get to Colombia without too much hassle. While in Rio did you see Aroldo, and visit Rua Sambaiba? Renovations on the Brew have started. Dad has lists... and more lists of what's to be done next. B&B busy. Keep well and hope future backpackers give more creature comforts. Love Mom and Dad Love from us both,

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