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Published: March 10th 2011
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Campo Grande
Short and sweet. This was more of a recovery from Pantanal/preparation for Rio town. A couple days of R and R, less sightseeing and such. Our Pousada (as the B and Bs/hostels are called in BR) was nice.

#1 Problem: Laundry. Lots of stinky, wet from the Panatal clothes. Laundry mat? Does. Not. Exist. In Brazil. I’m serious! Ultimately, we had to send all our things to a laundry service and have everything, from socks to underoos to dry fit shirts, dry cleaned. How do people wash their clothes??? A question that has yet to be answered. Anyway, we pretty much asked everyone and the conclusion is that no laundry mat was available and we had no choice but to send our clothes and decide never to speak of the bill again.

Outside of a 22 hour bus ride to Rio, a 3:30am flight out of Campo Grande was our only option. We survived, though it wasn’t pretty! And from the airport, taxied to the bus terminal, bused to Petropolis, one hour north of Rio….

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The Pousada DogThe Pousada Dog
The Pousada Dog

Pregnant and still decked out for Carnaval
Downtown CGDowntown CG
Downtown CG

Rainstorm, naturally brewing in the background
The Electric Shower HeadThe Electric Shower Head
The Electric Shower Head

Giver of all things warm. Just don't touch that metal piece.....!!!!

CREAM FILLED Doughnut, to be exact. And a beer. Quinn's fast fix diet to growing a rockin' Samba moneymaker!

10th March 2011

Maybe Juan will have answers. Asked Hillary in Brazil to offer suggestions, did she email JD?. She has a washing machine, but no dryer connections. Uses clothesline. When your in Mansas, I am sure hers will be available. Alas, that is a month or more before you arrive. Just remember things that smell good attract insects.

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