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February 11th 2007
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spontaneous drummingspontaneous drummingspontaneous drumming

a drumming shool that pracitised outside our hostel
over enduging in arrial d ajuba required me to either catch a bus into salvador which would arrive at 9 pm at night or catch a plane slightly more expensive but arriving at a decent hour. With my track record of being ripped off in Brazil i opted for the plane.

The city of beaded necklaces.... Salvador is a really cultural slap in the face. i stayed in pelorinho which is an old but very cultural section of salvador. cobble stone narrow pedestrian streets lined with artworks, traditional bead necklaces and hundreds of street dwellers selling their wares. resturants are just door ways in some alleys which open up into large court yards out the back which are filled with live music at night. The streets are constantly buzzing with music haggelers/very dodgey individuals and capoera dancers.

every now and again a street will fill seemingly spontaneously with drumming schools practising for carnaval.

my first day i wandered the markets in the lower city which is accessed via a city elevator for 5 centavos. i picked up a few bahain souviners and checked out the sights that night in the main square. this night we managed to kick
folkloric dancingfolkloric dancingfolkloric dancing

a folkloric dancing night
on to a samba club which we hit till the early hours with a few people from the hostel.

The next day we set off with a group from the hostel to a beach up the coast where there was a beach party on... semi trailers lined the streets with ridiculously big speakers pumping all sorts of brazilian music for the crowds... the hostel possy (justin and the girls from oz and england) set out on the beach but were mobbed by a group of cabana boys who followed us some 300meters until we finally gave in and sat at one of their resturant tables on the beach.

the nights basically involved randomly walking around until we found a decent resturant with some music out back chillin till it finished the wandering around looking for what else was on offer. we actually made it to a folkloric dance concert which was really good until the uncoordinated audience participation at the end.

the next day was mar grande an island an hour off the coast of salvador... quite a relaxed vibe compare to the beach from the day before and we basically spent the day soaking up the rays. bit of an issue with being dropped off at a diffent port in salvador on the return trip but the girls manged to sort things out and we got home pretty easily.

the last day and i met up with daniele with some bad news....he told me i couldn´t stay with him for carnival as the tenant refused them to take in anymore people...stooged!

a bit of a pain as i had plenty of offers earlier in the week to share appartments with fellow travellers in salvador which would have been awesome... but not to worry i managed to book a place through the carnival period although i don´t think it is a great party place or anything.

sorry there arn´t many pics as i didn´t really get out with the camera much here but yeah i will put one or two up later.

all up tho salvador has been really good very interesting...i think people are right about this being the place to be for carnaval


12th February 2007

ur my hero
sounds like ur having an awesome time seany sent me tha link oh well have a good one cya
15th February 2007

Love Your Journal
Thanks for having the site on your message. Enjoy following your travels. The language is a somewhat more difficult in Brazil, isn't it?

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