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February 24th 2007
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Let me just be sick over the edge!!
What a place. I spent 4 days in this bohemian little town which felt like one of the safest place in the whole of South America, the locals left their doors open, unlocked and nobody bothers you at any time. On the edge of the Parque Nacional Chapada we spent our time climbing waterfalls, looking over the edge of a 400metre high waterfall and generally things that you do in one big parque - trek! There is a cliffs edge to look over and see the water fall but you can't stand on the edge, the vertigo alone would make you fall off as 2 people who fell off by accident would tell you if they could. The funniest thing is seeing people crawling to the edge to look over but then making sure that a friend has hold of them by the ankles. Like that's going to stop them falling off!!!!! (are people heads that heavy that it is going to drag them off the edge? )

A fantastic place, the caving was a bit boring but I guess a cave is a cave and there is only so much fun you can get from stigmatites. After pretending that you’re a ghost buster the fun is soon lost.

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Who ya gonna call?Who ya gonna call?
Who ya gonna call?

Ghost Busters.........

The coolest bar in the most random place

That's my layers not my belly honest!

28th June 2007

me again!!
getting pretty brave there gurlieee... no one hanging on ta ur legs naaa?? Have the same sarong as u...Copacabanna...im dizzy just looking at u sitting on the side of that cliff...GET OFF WILL YA!! Bxx

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