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March 21st 2007
Published: March 21st 2007
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I am in Tefé, Brasil, in the Amazon region. It is a city of 50,000 people, which the locals call small. But compared to most of the 'cities´that I saw along the Amazon, Tefé is quite large. I´ve been here for almost 3 days now, waiting to be whisked away to my jungle trek in the Mamirau Reserve, and have to say that even though this is a small town, my stay has been quite pleasant. In fact, I already have a routine here in the morning.

I start my day (usually quite late) by going to the same pastry shop every morning. They actually have black coffee which makes me so happy, but I did get a strange look from the owners when I asked for café negro! I also order a roll with butter (standard breakfast fare) and then I try a sweet pastry, a new kind each day. The owners seem ok with my many questions and lack of knowledge of Portugese. I ask about the type of pastries, the fruit juices, etc. and even have them spell out words for me so I can learn more quickly. The one gentleman told me that I would
Vultures on the roofVultures on the roofVultures on the roof

Tefe has vulture problem the same as NYC has a pigeon one!
learn Portugese very quickly if I stayed in Tefé. That´s probably true since no one speaks English or Spanish. But as similar as Spanish and Portugese are when written, Portugese sounds much different. For instance the number 10 is dez in Portugese (diez in Spanish) but when pronounced is desh. This makes for a beautiful sounding language but one where I can´t make out a word!

I found an outdoor theatre here with a beautiful view to the Amazon, and perch myself on the stage everyday to take in the sights. It´s quite different here that I actually can have some quiet time to myself. No one comes up to me (or has even whistled at me) and I am wondering if it is just because that aspect of Brasilian culture differs from the Peruvian one, or if my days on the ship sleeping in a hammock has rendered me unworthy of catcalls. Either way, I have had lots of time to write postcards and relax in peace.

Tomorrow I leave for the jungle, and will hopefully have many pictures of monkeys when I return! I might even know more about all the different types of fruits here
Peeping TomsPeeping TomsPeeping Toms

I caught these two peering into my hotel window!
(there are so many!!!) I´ll keep you posted.

Additional photos below
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Motorized CanoesMotorized Canoes
Motorized Canoes

These are the same as the motorboat that took me from the ship to Tefe.
A Plaza in TefeA Plaza in Tefe
A Plaza in Tefe

The pastry shop that I frequented is in the street level of the building on the right.
Tefe Sound SystemTefe Sound System
Tefe Sound System

There are a few cars that drive around the city with these huge speakers on their rooves. I think that they pumped out advertisements, but since I don't speak Portugese, I can't be sure.

21st March 2007

cars with speakers
i've heard of the same thing in rural parts of spain, and when i was in quebec there was a part of the play they were creating about them...only it wasn't just advertisements but death announcements. i guess when not many people read or have tv it's like the news.
22nd March 2007

Tefe's Theatre
Looks like they might be in need of a Lighting Designer! Un abrazo~ John
23rd March 2007

You're so thoughtful, even in the midst of all your adventures! Keep blogging, we'll be travelling the world vicariously through you. Be safe, have fun, and love love love the photos!
25th March 2007

you are seeing it all
i am learning so much reading your journal entries... it seems like you are having a blast, except for a few bathroom hang ups here and there. thanks for keeping us posted on everything. btw, where's my postcard??? :) j/k miss you tons. -k
30th May 2007

So wait is that like cars we have down the shore here in Seaside? I suppose I can ask Paul haha! yeah yeah so I am behind on my reading - but talking to you on the phone (pre-phone bill) was MUCH more fun!

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