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June 3rd 2008
Published: July 13th 2008
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We made the trip from Salvador by bus to Maceio. This was our first overnight journey. The buses are nice and really comfortable but the only problem is the air conditioning, we continuously woke up freezing through the entire journey. One piece of advice if you are travelling on overnight buses in Brazil, bring a sleeping bag or at least a pair long johns!!
We got in early the next morning and the weather was noticeable warmer. We had planned a day on the beach but we didn't make it, booo, basically we could not make our lazy assess move and ended up hitting our bed for a daytime nap.
Maceio is a small city by Brazilian standards but the coast line is beautiful. The beaches are lined with Palm trees and also small cone shaped restaurants and bars with straw roofs tops.
Unfortunately for us, the weather changed the next day so we unable to do much lounging on the beach as planned, that is why we didn't get any pictures of Maceio.
We stayed in a HI Hostel which consisted of being woken up at 6am in the morning to the sweet sounds of the cackling of women eagerly preparing breakfast for everyone in the hostel.
Maceio is a nice city with some lovely beach's, the only problem is the weather is just like at home (ha ha ha).
We left Maceio to spend one night in Recife, this was more of a one night stop over on our way to Natal. What we saw of Recife was that it appeared to be a big industrial city with industrial sized cosmetic surgeries on every corner.
Monster mossies can also be found in Recife, Kevin's pegs were eaten in minutes!
However, we did come across the best per kg restaurant in Brazil here.


14th July 2008

What ........ no pics?

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