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November 9th 2007
Published: November 9th 2007
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Curtiss C-46D Untitled stored La Paz In background is 6088m peak Huayna Potosi
Had another look at La Paz - El Alto and thanks to Giovanni Rodriguez I managed to get a bit closer to some of the aircraft.

First a couple of typing errors in my last blog, the two stored TAM Convairs are FAB-71 and FAB-72 (not as mentioned TAM-71 and TAM-72). The wfu ones are correct as TAM-70 and TAM-74.

Also in my last blog I assumed the DC-4 in Fawcett colors was Fri Reyes CP-1653. Nothing could be more wrong, in fact it is the one that was used for spares. Faded registration OB-R-463 can still be read, further it has a 463 on tail and Fawcett titles.

The silver DC-6 mentioned is CP-1651, registration is very faded but still visible.

That leaves only one unidentified DC-4/6, and judged from the colors I would still go for CP-1207. Parked behind other aircraft and registration could not be seen.

Below a full list of aircraft in open storage in La Paz. Seems like a couple of frames have been scrapped. (if somebody misses CP-2026 in the list it is because it’s not stored but very active indeed). Only five aircraft remain with out positive ID.

Douglas DC-4 Fawcett wfu La Paz

CP-987 Curtiss C-46A untitled
CP-1080 Curtiss C-46A untitled
CP-1282 Douglas DC-6A/C ‘Air Cumbre’
CP-1283 Douglas DC-6A/C ‘Air Cumbre’
CP-1433 T-29D (CV-240) Fri Reyes
CP-1434 T-29D (CV-240) Fri Reyes
CP-1651 DC-6B untitled (stored)
CP-1655 Curtiss C-46D untitled (stored)
CP-2187 Lockheed C-130A Transportes Aereos Bolivianos
FAB-71 Convair CV-580 Transporte Aereo Militar
FAB-72 Convair CV-580 Transporte Aereo Militar
FAB-93 Fokker 27 camo c/s
OB-R-463 Douglas DC-4 (C-53) Fawcett
TAM-01 Douglas C-47B Transporte Aereo Militar (fake serial, was actually TAM-16) (preserved on pole)
TAM-01 Lockheed L.188 Transporte Aereo Militar
(TAM-64) Lockheed C-130A (camo c/s, TAM serial faded away, 1636 noted on nose)
TAM-65 Lockheed C-130A (camo c/s, TAM serial almost faded away)
TAM-68 Lockheed C-130B (camo c/s) (stored)
TAM-70 Convair CV-580 Transporte Aereo Militar
TAM-74 Convair CV-580 Transporte Aereo Militar
TAM-95 Fokker 27 camo c/s

The unknown once.

Douglas DC-4/6 white with blue stripe on tailfin. (most likely CP-1207)

Douglas DC-3 fuselage, the cn plate is removed. Next to the fuselage are two sets on wings. Two wings carry USAF titles, one a FAB roundel and one nothing. Mystery frame.

Beech 65 Queen Air, untitled, no markings of any kind.

2x C-130, camo c/s (only missing ones are TAM-61

Douglas DC-3 Untitled wfu La Paz info anyone?
and TAM-63 so I guess that’s them)

Feel free to come with additional info or corrections.

All the best, Michael

Additional photos below
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Douglas DC-6B untitled wfu La Paz

Convair T-29C Fri Reyes wfu La Paz

Curtiss C-46D Untitled stored La Paz In background is Curtiss C-46A CP-1080 and 6439m peak Illimani

Convair C-131B Untitled active La Paz

Douglas DC-6C La Cumbre wfu La Paz

Douglas DC-6C La Cumbre wfu La Paz

Curtiss C-46A Untitles wfu La Paz

Curtiss C-46A Untitled wfu La Paz

Beech 65 Queen Air Untitled wfu La Paz info anyone?

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