Getting "salted" (see what I did there?) in Uyuni

Published: August 25th 2012
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For the unitiated, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. That sure sounds exciting eh? Those who know, KNOW, that actually its brilliant. For many reasons. But none more important than the stupid photos it allows you to take.

The salt flat, as you may imagine, are white, and flat. It looks like snow. But slightly less cold. And i do mean slightly as it was bloody cold up there. First stop was an abandoned train yard, which has since been turned into some kind of playground. We posed for photos on derelict trains and went on the swing and seesaw. It was odd. At the end of the day, everyone is just waiting to get on the salt flats... and soon enough we were there. And he photo based hilarity ensued.... Its all about the perspective people.

You know what, the whole trip was actually great, but all thats really standing out is us dicking about on the salt flats! Soia and I actually skipped walking around Isla de pescado, a random ïsland´covered in cacti in the middle of the salty desert, to take some more amusing photos. We have our prioties. My onbe regret is that I didn´t pack more hilarious accessories to play with. I had visions of the fun I could have with one of the model virgin Mary´s from Copacabana.... ah, the regret. We made the best with what we had anyway!

So we drove from salt to cacti to rocks to mountains and to lagoons, and a whole host inbetween, The second night was fucking freezing... we were back at altitude and feeling it. Particualrly as we went on a foolhardyy mission to walk back to red laggon we´d seen early, which looked like blood. Which was brilliant. Unfortunately, the flatness of the landscape makes things look closer than they are. We learnt this the hard way... as the sun started to set and the ice cold wind started to beat us into submission, we realised it wasn´t happening....

Anyway - fun was had by all... well, except for Peter, an English lawyer, who succumbed to a misture of food poisoning (never eat the salads!) and altitude sickness and spent most of the 2 and a half day 4x4 ride in abject misery. Poor thing.

Oh i´m sure there was more but I´m so behind....

Straw poll - what do you reckon - keep on playing catch up (I´m about 5 locations, 2 countries, and a change of travel companion behind!), or skip to where I am now? I know, how does one make such a life altering decision?

(ps. the last photo is of me at some geysers. they were cool. but i was tired and grumpy and couldn´t feel my feet)

(pps. there were also some hot springs right at the end.... which allowed me to feel my feet again! It was about 0c outside, and 20-odd in the lovely life giving hot water. Good job too as stripping down to your cossie at that temperature isn´t so pleasant! )

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26th August 2012

Straw Poll
Keep going mate- I am amused! :-)
27th August 2012

Cheers for the love Maskell. Shall i read them all out at your wedding?
27th August 2012

Ha, yeah of course. Complete with slideshow?

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