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February 15th 2013
Published: October 30th 2013
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My asthmatic lungs wheezed out a tune as I climbed the steep hills of one of the world's highest cities, Potosi, at 4,090 m/13,420 ft. For a couple of weeks, I explored the labyrinthine, narrow streets, ferreting out rich churches and monasteries encrusted with gold and silver, colorful, balconied 17c colonial palaces, and church roofs for grand views over the city and surrounding countryside. ... Read Full Entry

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mining tunnels swiss-cheesing the mountainmining tunnels swiss-cheesing the mountain
mining tunnels swiss-cheesing the mountain

there's concern that the mountain may collapse
happy dentisthappy dentist
happy dentist

I needed a dentist and my computer fixed, but not here, thanks.
hot water gushing from the mountainhot water gushing from the mountain
hot water gushing from the mountain

It fed unappealing, indoor hot springs frequented by the townspeople.

30th October 2013
 bell tower of San Francisco with Cerro Rico

Love this photo!
There is something about the framing and contrast between light and shade that makes me adore this image.
30th October 2013
 bell tower of San Francisco with Cerro Rico

Through a window, not so darkly...
Thanks, Shane. I love images through windows, maybe it's the contrast you mentioned.
30th October 2013
colorful Bolivians dancing

If joy could be bottled this would be a picture of its contents
30th October 2013
colorful Bolivians dancing

The joy of dance!
I so agree, Dave. That's why it was sad seeing the wincing dancers here. Joy to all dancers, including the Dancing One.
1st November 2013

Obscurity & gems of days gone by
The forgotten Potosi sounds marvelous and the festival grand. Loved every photo! The vibrance of life. Lingering in the bell towers--- I have a fear of falling so I hold on tight. Your blog makes me want to grab the next plane and head to Bolivia! I would not like balloons filled with water or paint. Guess I'd better stay away from that event.
2nd November 2013

Wonderful Bolivia!
I think you would love Bolivia, and Potosi, while challenging, was amazing. I generally avoid festivals in Latin America because of the drinking, but water/paint balloons were even worse. Glad you liked the photos!

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