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October 14th 2017
Published: October 18th 2020
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Silver OreSilver OreSilver Ore

The reason behind all the exploitation and pilferage.

We arrived to Potosi at night and scurried to find a Hospedaje that is within our price range. We walked for a bit and then took a cab. Lorena took the reign. I just went with it. A day before we were still in Sucre. I approached Lorena, impatient with waiting, I told her my plan to leave for Potosi. To my surprise, she replied "We are leaving tomorrow." The next day we took a cab in the afternoon to the bus station. We were early for our bus to Potosi, so we grabbed a bite at a chicken rotisserie. The bus ride was beautiful. It felt great being alone with her. It felt so natural. I wanted to envelope myself in her warmth.

We found a room at a Hospedaje. It had two beds. The next day we did a tour of the Potosi mine. It was an informative tour. Human exploitation at its finest. El Tio was one of the most memorable thing that I remembered from the tour. El Tio is a devil looking statue that had a giant penis. The miners worships El Tio for protection. Coca leaves and pure alcohol are daily necessities of Potosi miners. We met an awesome retired Dutch couple. I imagined the two of us traveling the world together like them. It was indeed a small world as we ran into them later on that day at a coffee shop in town. We sat and talked about who knows what. The thought of them thinking that Lorena and I were a couple warmed my soul. Delusional I was, but I'd still like to believe it was wishful thinking. It was another instance of Felices los 4.

Later that night I showered and decided to walked the city from some street food. It felt like we were a couple. She decided to stay in the room while I hunt for some street food. I found some good street food and was excitedly heading back to the Hospedaje. Eager to please her with my selection of street food.

I entered the room to find Malcom laying in her bed with her. I was at a lost for words. Though I was angry, I did my best to hide my emotions. What was supposed to be our night alone together was ruined by an unexpected guest...

Things slowly changed after that night. My insecurities clouded my better judgment. Can you blame me though? From that point on I felt like they were a couple and I was the third wheel. I can't believe I didn't just take off then...

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Miner ShackMiner Shack
Miner Shack

The vibe was not at all welcoming. I can understand why...

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