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Published: July 15th 2011
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Dear all (Many more photo's right at the bottom of the page!) Well we are in La Paz, Bolivia at the moment - the highest capital city in the world, and don't we know it. The city is 3660m above sea level and the oxygen here is 40% less than normal, meaning it is almost impossible to walk up stairs and even talk to each other without feeling out of breath. We are acclimatatising and the d... Read Full Entry

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15th July 2011

Great last entry, I can't believe it's coming to an end! Loads to talk about here, but mainly, US wrestling isn't real?! I feel like my childhood was a lie...! Loads of love xxxx
16th July 2011

I am looking forward to seeing you both at the end of July,what a great blog as usual and thank you for putting it together as you have with fantastic photo's.All great things come to an end but you will have superb memories with you forever,Reality beacons now and life in good old England is good too !!Lots of love and have a good trip back home xxxx
19th July 2011

You really have a knack for driving home the fact that what we think is a decent life is actually an excruciatingly dull, boring life where the highlights consist of seeing the Harry Potter finale and reading other people's blogs! And I thought hunting groundhogs was exciting... This was a great read again, thanks for bringing us up-to-date. Enjoy your last days!!! Love, Albert.
23rd July 2011

Hey guys, Great BLOG and great to see you both and meet Bjorn, had a really good trip just wich it could have lasted longer. Definitely wish I was still there. I got back to reality with a bump as I finally got home at 8:30Pm Sunday (9 hours sat at Lima airport was not fun) and then straight back to work Monday, italready seems like so long ago! Anyway hope you had an amazing time in Peru and on the Laris trail and I'll see you both soon. Chris

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