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February 13th 2009
Published: February 18th 2009
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13th February

We'd been out and about on treks and tours in the jungle & pampas for the last week then had a full days travel from Rurre to La Paz by plane then a rough bus journey to Copacabana so it was time to take it easy again.

Being back at 3800m we needed time to reaclimatise after a week at nearly sea level so we had a stroll aroung the town of Copacabana to get our bearings. The town is set on a penninsular jutting out into the south of Lake Titicaca, surrounded by rugged peaks on all sides. The lake stretches out from the town to the horizon, it looks more like a sea than a lake. Again there are shops galore selling all manner of handmade crafts, jewelry, clothing & bags. We relented and bought a few items to take onward including my 4th day bag of the trip (long story but basically the bag I brought broke, then 2 others I have bought on the way have broke too - 3rd time lucky?).

The waterfront was nice and we spent the afternoon watching the boats come in and out of the small port, heading accross the clear waters. The local fisherman bring in large trout from the lake and that was to be dinner - local trout with garlic sauce & pesto and very good it was too.


I´m sorry to everyone who was enjoying the photographs with the previous blog entries but as we have moved into Bolivia & Peru the Internet connections are not as good as in Chile and I can´t upload photographs here, however I promise a full sideshow for those intrested when we return (we have taken well over 1,000 pictures already so I might need some time to sort through them!)



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