Long journey for our last stop in Bolivia!

Published: January 30th 2009
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Uuurrrrgh what a journey! We last left you in Uyuni in the South of Bolivia and our next destination was to be Copacabana, in the far North - a trip that was made up of a 13hr bus ride taking us to La Paz and then another 4hr bus ride from there.

When our luxury bus arrived in Uyuni we felt quite smug that we´d manage to book early enough to get the seats at the very front on the top deck and so tonnes of room. It turned out to be a prime viewpoint for the journey ahead. We off-roaded through dessert, followed haphazard diversions which took us toppleing down embankments (for which we were holding our breath as we were sure we were about to capsize!) and drove through flooded rivers (the run-up that the driver took filled us with confidence!)

Dan - A typical ´South American´ bus ride!!!! so back in La Paz and before we knew it on another bus (yes no rest for us, we´re far to Hardcore for a rest or even time to stop for breakfast!!!) and on to the town of Copacabana on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca - for which we had to leave the bus at one point while they shipped it across a small section of the lake, while we took a passenger boat!

From what I´d read and researched about the ´mysterious and magical´ Lake Titicaca (one of the worlds highest navigable lakes) I was expecting a whole lot more than we found. It turned out to be a tourist town with dare I say, not as much beauty as I thought!! don´t get me wrong it´s pretty and scenic, but not a touch on lake scenery that we found in New Zealand (prob going to get a ´Pro´Lake Titicaca anorak now sending his comments on how wrong we are - had a few of these now.....It´s just our opinion guys!).

Nic - It wasn´t such a bad place, it´s our own fault for having high expectations...we were a little uncomfortable with being one of the many tourists again though and feel that the town now relies on the industry too much. There was a nice bit of tradition though. Twice everyday, vehicles line up outside the cathedral, all dressed with flowers and they wait for the priest to bless each one with a prayer and a good old splash of holy water inside and out!...they then proceed to waste tonnes of champagne by running around the outside and spraying it all over, along with a lot of shrieking!

Conveniently there´s a lovely hill that sits on the edge of town and looks across the lake, a perfect place for sunset!

We stayed her for the day and then will make our own way across the border and onto Peru.

More soon.

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Benediciones de Movilidades...Benediciones de Movilidades...
Benediciones de Movilidades...

...The blessing of vehicles outside the cathedral....we love that he´s wearing a baseball cap!

2nd February 2009

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Dan, you look like a budha sitting there with your hair and that

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