La Paz, Inca Ruins of Tiwanako and Puma Puntu and Biking the most Dangerous Road in the World

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May 14th 2015
Published: May 14th 2015
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La Paz, one of the highest located cities in the world lies at a dazzling 3650 meters altitude. A city with over 1 million people nestled between mountains it literally takes your breath away when you enter the city. I have now been a while in the 4000 meter altitude region, but the smog from all the cars makes it even harder to breath. Nevertheless it is a beautiful city with heaps of things to d... Read Full Entry

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14th May 2015

No more toothless grin
Pleased for you the dental experience went well...equipped you for your bike ride through potential hell. Well done on all counts. The ruins sound pre-Inca if they are that old. The Incas were from about 1400 A.D I think. But by the stone work you describe sounds Inca as they were known for precision. Could it have been a mixture of Inca and pre-Inca cultures?
22nd May 2015

You are right....
..... Dancing Dave. The Puma Puntu ruins are pre Inca. The whole area is full of history. Where are you right now?
16th May 2015
La Paz

Highest city
Sounds like you are having a marvelous time. Wow 220 for a root canal is amazing. I'm glad he had all the up to date technology. i was a bit worried when you started the story. It is almost worth flying got LaPaz for dental work. Take care and have fun.
22nd May 2015
La Paz

Yes it ....
.... was good value. And so far all is good. La Paz is a must see place. And not only for the dentists.... Thank you for your comment and have fun where you are. Take care and until soon.
3rd January 2016

Thanks for the link!
Hey Welf, Thanks for giving me the link. Figured i would read from the start and catch up on all your adventures. That bike ride sounds amazing - Will add to the bucket list. Stay safe mate.
19th October 2016

La Paz Dentist details
Hi, Really interested to know who the dentist was that sorted your tooth out in La Paz? I'm currently in the area and have a root canal issue... Thanks in advance
20th October 2016

I had to dig deep ....
But here you go. Avenida Saavedra 1760, La Paz, Bolivia. It's near the main stadium. +591 (2) 224-0778 Hope this helps.....

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