bus from Cococabamana back to Puno

Published: July 8th 2010
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Tuesday 6.7.2010 day 265
Bus from Cococabamana back to Puno
Today we got to sleep in for the first time in over a week. So we got up and looked around for a good bfast place. The first one we went into we ordered and after a bit of a wait got juices and there was a European couple trying to change $B100 which is imposable. The waiter asked us if we had change but we did not. So he went out side 3 times looking for chain but could not find any. He then asked us again for chain and I said no. Then the couple came over and were telling us to give him change and to pay for our meal even though we had been there over half an hour and had not got it yes. They went on and on at us. We were so over then harassing us so we left $B2 on the table for our juices and walked out. I was very upset that the tourists were now trying to rip us off it is one thing for the locals who are poor to do it but these people were well off whit a fanatic exchange rate much better than the Aus dollar and everyone know you do not walk in with $B100 when you are buying a $B20 meal there is no way they can change it and then for them to be on at us when they clearly did the wrong thing. We then looking around for another place to eat which we found down the street it cost a bit more then the first place but it was very nice. After that we exchanged more money than packed up and headed for the bus station. We had a 1:30 pm buss but need to be there at about 1 pm. We had a much better bus getting back then we did getting there. A lot of people from our bus had problems with immigration as they where Israelis or had lots there tourist cards or had come from Columbia. When we got to the bus station the hotel was there waiting for to take us back to the hotel.

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