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May 21st 2011
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With all that excitement yesterday, we've had a quiet day today!

so, "what constitutes a quiet day in El Calafate" I hear you ask?

Got up and had breakfast and it was cloudy so Gordon went back to bed and I caught up on emails. kindle reading, downloading photos etc. I looked up and suddenly the sky had cleared and the sun was shining down in the snow capped mountains and the lake - the hostel has an amazing view!

G caught the end of the Celtic game - having celebrated City's win with whale watching, we walked down to the lake to watch the flamingoes in celebration of Celtic's win! They were beautiful but mostly had their heads in the water and their bums in the air!!! I had to try a new ice - cream flavour - El Calafate has its own flavour! It was like a fruits of the forest sorbet and I had it with mascapone - very tasty!

We have booked our next journey - another mammouth 28 hour coach trip to San Carlos Bariloche. Despite this being NORTH from here, because the main road (Route 40) through the mountains is closed
wendy outside hostel entrance with one of the many live in dogswendy outside hostel entrance with one of the many live in dogswendy outside hostel entrance with one of the many live in dogs

something you need to know about SA - there are dogs EVERYWHERE, they chase the cars, follow you down the street and are basically all around, wherever you are!
(due to snow!) we are having to travel 4 hours SOUTH, then several hours up EAST Coast before being able to cross country to the WEST coast and finally NORTH!!!! Well, it is South America!! That's 1563km instead of 101km (G has worked it out!!), I have also been talking to some Irish girls who had the same surprise - in the summer the journey takes 10 hours!!!

No wonder its such long journey! looked straight forward on the map! So we set off at 3.45pm tomorrow afternoon and arrive Monday evening! Just about to sort out hostel! As our experience in shared dorm is ok so far, we're going to give it another go......

We are off out to buy beer and bread for supper (that's not all we're having I'm even going to try to cook myself some nice chicken! G is sticking to his famous choripan - hence the need for bread!)

Sorry this entry isn't that exciting, but wanted to put some photos of hostel and surrounds on it!

We suddenly realised today that we "only" have another 46 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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21st May 2011

Well there you flaming go! Suprising how quickly time flies when you share a dorm! At this rate you'll be back before you get there. Envy you the whale watch. I had one once but it kept falling off my wrist and eventually I lost it. Keep having fun.
24th May 2011

Amazing Pics
Thanks for all the amazing pics and fantastic commentry! Not quite there with you, but definatly sharing it with you!

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