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August 19th 2009
Published: September 8th 2009
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San Juan is one of the most western provinces in Argentina, bordering with Chile and occupies a mountainous region. The area is dry with little precipitation and where the temperature during summer can rise to unbearable level, especially when there is a 'zonda wind' blowing through the surface of the land. It is a province in Argentina that is full of sunlight most of the time.

(Note: Zonda wind (in Spanish, viento zonda) is a regional term for the foehn wind that often occurs on the eastern slope of the Andes, in Argentina. The Zonda is a dry wind (often carrying dust) which comes from the polar maritime air, warmed by descent from the crest, which is some 6,000 m (18,000 ft) above sea level. It may exceed a velocity of 40 km/h (25 mph)

San Juan has many natural beauties, including its own peculiar landscapes and showcases several good places to go out for vacation and relaxation, e.g. Ullum, Zonda, and ruta de vino. Together with Mendoza, it produces the best wine in Argentina. San Juaninos are simple, a bit shy, but very agreeable. However the infrastructure to support tourism has not been developed as fully as in say, Córdoba, Mendoza or Buenos Aires. That is the only downside. I have been there 3 times now and passed through 2 new year's days there, because one of my best friends, Leonardo lives there.

This time around, I decided to visit the Human Heritage Site in San Juan, Valle de La Luan- the Valley of the Moon. This terrain has many strange rocky landscapes, similar to Great Canyon, and is also the site where they discovered dinosaur fossils. I posted the pictures below, enjoy!

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Strange landscapeStrange landscape
Strange landscape

A bit like the Egyptian Sphynx
Cancha de BochasCancha de Bochas
Cancha de Bochas

Ball-shaped rocks on the grund
In front of El SubmarinoIn front of El Submarino
In front of El Submarino

Shape of a submarine
El SubmarinoEl Submarino
El Submarino

El HongoEl Hongo
El Hongo


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