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May 13th 2007
Published: May 13th 2007
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Is it me or are things just whizzing by at the moment? Perhaps it´s down to our recent illness and the fact that we´ve hardly felt up to doing much but suddenly here we are in Argentina with less than 2 weeks to go until we fly back to England. Yikes!

Salta is a pleasant city and since Glynn is up and about again now, we´ve been for some nice long walks to see what the place is all about. In all honesty, nice as Salta is there´s nothing here that I would say defines it from any other large, modern South American city. It´s been the perfect place to recover with clean conditions, friendly people who move out of your way when you´re walking down a narrow bit of street and food you can feel confident in again but that´s kind of it.

Attraction-wise, there´s a cable car up a tall hill here but we've done enough of those on our travels already. By the cable car station there's also a nice park with a lake and pedalos for hire, lined on one side by a streetful of market stalls which open up in the afternoon and sell everything from mass produced artesania to pirate DVDs. There's some pedestrianised shopping streets that are closed until about 6pm on a Saturday when literally all of Salta comes out to shop till they drop. There´s also a nice big black and white public exhibition of photos reflecting on 25 years since the Falklands War complete with slogan stating that the islands belong to Argentina. For once I get to turn the tables on all the Brits and say "don't mention the war".

So, those are pretty much my thoughts on Salta. We haven´t taken any interesting photos I'm afraid - I promise to do better at our next stop in Cordoba. We're on an overnight bus tonight; 12 hours for 93 Pesos (about fourteen pounds). Cordoba is a student city with 7 universities so we're hoping for a bit of a blow out to celebrate being well again and remind ourselves that we're not boring old stay-in-and-watch-tv fuddy duddies. Our new Aussie friends, Chet and Carly, are joining us too instead of heading to Mendoza, which is cool. Ok, I guess we'll see you when we get there!


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