Bariloche part 2 and the return to Chile

Published: July 11th 2012
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Circuito Chico!!!Circuito Chico!!!Circuito Chico!!!

View from the bridge, alright innit!
Amazingly the handover of the car the next morning passed with no extra charges being added or damages. Sam had driven very carefully but it was along roads that were really only fit for a 4x4. Having made friends with an English guy called Alex who was in our dorm we set out together towards the Circuito Chico a road circuit around no less than 8 lakes and all to the backdrop of the Argentinian Andes. It was a beautifully sunny autumn day and after figuring out which bus we needed to get we arrived at one of the many bike hire shops and paid out 80AR for the day hire. We also met a girl from London called Jennifer also hiring a bike from the same place. So all kitted out with our maps, safety gear and the knwoledge that 6 hours was ages to get round the circuit we pedaled round the corner to find our first hill, this was a sign of things to come! The guide books forgot to mention just how many hills there were, it seemed like you were either cycling uphill or flying downhill, all with amazing lake views.Sometimes on either side. Our first stop was at a small village with a few interesting gothic style buildings which was at the end of a rather rough unpaved road. We stopped and ate our lunches in the sunshine. We then went back the way we came and rejoined the road, stopping next at a hillside cemetary. The time was ticking and it was now 3pm with many more hills to go. We stopped a few more times where we would catch our breath and marvel at the views. The last bit was a little bit of a ride against the clock but we made it back with minutes to spare. After a rather full bus ride home and shower we then all went out to one of the best places in town for steak to comemerate our last night in Argentina and with the company of our two new biking friends. The steak was amazing a slab on your plate served simply with chips and washed down with red wine. For just under 10pounds each we ate amazingly and this then impacted on the night's sleep i got!

We decided to spend our last few Reas on a taxi to the bus station and waited for our 9am bus. The coach weaved through the hills towards the Chilean border, again with fantastic views of lakes to the backdrop of huge moutains and a few (extinct) volcanoes dotted around. We got to the border around lunchtime to have a lengthy wait on the bus then a full bus search and people search and then back on and on our way 2 hours later. After a change of us at Osorno we were back on our way. We cruised along some quite flat roads that reminded us of the Cheshire countryside! As we got nearer to Pucon, our destination, the sun was dropping and the reflections made a huge imrpession the the towering volcano, snow capped before us that loomed down on the town. It was an amazing site. Getting off the bus we walked to our hostel through the quiet streets of this fairly touristy town. We were booked in in a small hostle full of very noisy Israelis which didnt make for a good nights sleep.

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