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February 7th 2011
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Rano sme sa konecne mohli vyspat tak dlho ako sme chceli, nikto nas nerusil. Trocha sme sa namocili do lago Paimun, ale bolo hrozne studene. Neskor sme sa vydali na cestu, den bol krasny a slnecny, jedina neprijemnost boli ovady, hnusne a doterne, nastastie sa dali lahko zabijat. Pomaly sme prisli k vodopadom - Cascada El Satillo, neboli najhorsie, ale ani nic specialne. Nas dnesny kemp lezal pri jazere lago Huechulafquen a opat sa nam podarilo najst pekne, tiche miestecko s miestom na ohen. Vecer sme este mali navstevnikov - prasiatka a nejake dravo vyzerajuce vtaky, hladajuce zvysky jedal.

In the morning we could finally sleep as long as we wanted, there was nobody to wake us up. We tried to swim in the lake, but it was just too cold. Later we left for our todays journey, the day was sunny and nice, only nuisance were horse flies, bitty and annoying creatures, fortunatelly they are easy to kill. Later we slowly came to waterfall - Cascada El Satillo, they werent too bad, but also nothing special. Our todays camp was positioned right at the shore of lake Lago Huechulafquen and again we were lucky to found nice, quite spot with a place for a fire. In the evening we had some visitors - pigs and some eagleish looking birds, looking for food waste.

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